"In My Mother's Arms" is a documentary
That tells the story of an Iraqi man named Husham
Who decided to open an orphanage for 32 boys
Grieving the losses of their parents in war
Husham fights to give a dignifying life to all the boys
Most of them traumatized by lack of love and protection

The story is so compelling emotionally
Husham is a totally altruistic person
Who tries to raise the boys the best he can by pure compassion

Husham's battle every day is to try to raise funds
To sustain the orphanage
Here and there he gets some few money from humble business men
But when it is about raising funds in government institutions
Even the ones made to support children
There is no any response
The politicians dont care
The bureaucrats either
It is all about selfishness from their part

The boys relies their survival on Husham
Who tries everything he can to prevent them to go back to the streets
Or other orphanages where they were sexually abused
And exploited in all kinds of the ways!

Husham main concern is about the boy's emotional issues
He tries to hire a psychologist to work with them
But as he cannot pay much, nobody accepts

However, a theater director
Agrees to work with the boys for a play
During the rehearshals
Little by little the boys start
Expressing the pain from their many losses
It is so heart-breaking 
So touching to see how deep their pain is!!
How much they miss the love of their mothers!

These Iraqi kids
Are bravery and fragility at the same time
Brave to survive
Fragile as little birds
Out of their mother's arms
A bird without a nest
Is a bird exposed to the harshness of life's events
Having a sense of being loved is a transcending feeling
Experiencing lack or lost of it is a devastating one!

Husham has been trying to build a nest to all these kids again
For them not to think that nobody cares
Or that they are alone on their own

This is an extraordinary story
Of human's compassion and injustice
A child away of a mother's arms
Is like a boat without a rudder
Becomes adrift...


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