A family's story was written here
The house now is old, vulnerable, lonely
The sound of joys and confessions is gone
Now everything is silent
The house lost its soul
Was left behind to the kingdom of forgetfulness...

Once this house was colorful
Full of life
Had a personality
Was vibrant and inviting...

The walls still have the memory of a family
That was its moving force
The family built the house and the relationship with it

The kitchen was all senses
As the smells were so divine
When the ritual of cooking was in motion

The living room walls
Surrounded the place of welcoming
They learned so much about people's being them
And making believe were others

The bathroom walls
Had the raw portrait of all in its mirrors
Some sorrows were lived there behind the doors
When stifled tears could finally get their freedom...

The bedroom walls
Had the memory of each one's intimacy
Each one's secrets
Each one's dreams
Each one's prayers, hopes, desires...

The house was the family's confident all those years
The house knew what nobody did
Behind its walls lives were unfolded
 With the transparency of a crystal ball

Sleep now house
You look tired
Your existence reached the expiration date
You carried out your duties beautifully
Rest to the eternity...


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