Melting pot of nations
All athletes with hopes and expectations...

Women and men
Competing now and then
Time and again...

Olympics is about determination
Physical and mental conciliation..

Strength and self-belief
Discipline as a commander in chief...

 Force and grace
Records to chase
Glorious and frustrating moments to face...

It is beautiful to see
All trying heroes to be...

The competition is tight
Everybody as brave as a knight...

Running, shooting, swimming, jumping
Hearts a dream pumping...

The gold
All want to hold
But just a few will get it
Has been told...

But the real gold in these competitions
Is the respect between the competidors
That should be inside all people's cores...

All nations must be celebrated
All winners they are
After all
To make part of the Olympics each one of the athletes
Had to endure a hard journey so very far!


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