I prefer to think that it was the wind
That took her away
To a world sadness does not exist...

She was a sunshine in my life
My friend... my sister...
Made my days rainbows
My nights filled with stars...

She was tenderness
Smiles, laughs
A feast to the mind
A gift to the heart...

What a smart girl!
What a dreamer spirit
What an innocent soul...

I did admire her personality
It was fun and challenge
It was pretty and captivating...

She was crazy for ice cream
She went to sleep and woke up thinking about it
I used to find that amazingly curious
The ice cream was for her as a doll is for a girl...

The conversations, the emotions
The friendship, the sisterhood
The silly things
The deep ones
All left a mark within myself
Nothing was unimportant
All had a purpose, a meaning...

The girl who was taken by the wind
Was a dream come true in my life
I adored her
She gave a lot of colors in my days
I did love the way she made me feel special in her life too

I miss her
I think of her
I stay her companion in the memories she left me
I cannot think any day without her in my thoughts

I really don't know
Where the wind took her to
I hope it changes its mind and one day brings her back
I will be waiting
Now I just can look at the skies
When the wind blows
And imagine her as free as a bird
Enjoying her journey to unknown places...

She lives in my heart
As a permanent resident
She knows it!

Hey little bird
I am waiving to you
While wishing you
Countless reasons to smile...


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