Education demans bravery
To one to get rid of the ignorance's slavery

Ignorance is a weed
That does not let grow any good seed

It suffocates dreams
It prevents the free course of streams

Reality is bitter to Afghan girls
All of them are precious pearls

Their dream of getting educated
Has cost them life threatening injuries
From poisoning to burns
To prevent each one to school returns

But they are still strong
By proving that their enemies' backward mentalities are wrong

The girls know that without education
Their future as women
Will be total stagnation
Their pain will be as deep
As of a slaughtered sheep

Since the very early years of their lives
They experience how hard to be a woman in this place is
Gender discrimination is so rooted in the culture
That makes their perspectives of a better life to be as dark as the shadow of a vulture

The challenges they face while trying to get an education
Are not about being able to learn
But being able with the learning to change a whole society
That is why to go to school every day brings so much anxiety

They feel the urgency in succeeding
It is all about the right to fight for a dignifying living
In an atmosphere so harsh and unforgiving

I pray for them
They are each and every one a little gem
So admirable and fierce in will they are
This way they will go surely very far
By raising the bar
To the level of the bravest stars
In spite of carrying within still
Such painful scars...


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