The 21st century
Celebrates technology, modernity
Phones, computers, video games, tablets, plasma TVs
The supremacy of machines...
Most people barely remember how life was like
Before all of this revolution in the communication field
All this technology is said
Has been created to make people's lives more simple
But the truth is that the "old fashioned" simplicity is almost extinct
In the urban areas around the world
This virtual era
Has brought important things
But taken away some precious ones too!
This paraphernalia of devices
Is killing some basic things
People addicted to these machines
Lost the ability to look at people's eyes
It is just a matter of paying attention in the streets
People seem frantic to stick their attention on monitors
Even in restaurants
One person is talking the other in front of her
Checking the phone, blackberry, whatever
People schedule meetings
But the human presence is completely ignored
It seems that the people behind the monitors
Are always more worthy of getting the attention than
The one over there "live"!!
People don't smile anymore
They send emotions
People do not sit in a armchair in a patio do contemplate the sunset
They choose a sunset as a wallpaper
People don't sit around the table to have a conversation
They have a conversation with the computer on the dinning table
People socialize a lot
But virtually
It seems easier to be close by someone from the other side of the world
Than the one side by side us
Kids play more with their cyber friends
Than the ones from the neighborhood or school
In the universities people don't look anymore to the teacher speaking
They watch a recorded video on the subject
So many things are becoming more and more impersonal
It leaves a vacuum in the real relationships
People are together but alone
People communicate in real life without meaning
 Modernity ...
I miss the time of simplicity...
Simplicity of a smile
Simplicity of an unpretentious conversation
Simplicity of a look
Simplicity of a word
Simplicity of sitting in the patio to see the sunset
Simplicity of silence
Simplicity of living one's humanity... 

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