Imagine a day when all people around the world would meet together at the same time, place, and with the same purpose of living in absolute peace. A day when the violence ended, no dicussion about religion, politics, money, social status, race, color, physical appearance... No prejudice, no greed, no poverty, no need of orphanages, no lack of a good family, no suffering, no homeless people, no famine, no comparisons, no judgement, no sadness, no pain, no darkness, no noise, n...
o pollution, no phones ringing, no tvs, no computers, no addictions, no diseases, no hate, no fears, no anxiety, no stress, no hurry, no indiference, no lack of sensitivity, no selfishness, no jealousy, no disabilities, no torture, no lack of love, no prisons, no crimes, no abuse, no lack of anything good, no trees being cut, no animals being put in cages, no animal abuse, no contamination of the oceans or atmosphere, no killing of any living being, no destruction, no lack of communication, no misunderstanding, no disasters. Just people and nature. People talking the same language, nature talking its own beautiful language of pleasant sounds. It would be a day of contemplation of each one's nature too. It would be a day of sharing, gratitude, love, happiness, the richness of simplicity... Kids, adolescents, adults, elderly, special people, celebrating their diversity, talents and, most of all, each one spreading a seed of goodness for the future! This would be surely a heavenly day! A day of total reconciliation. I like to think that one day this day will be possible... It will be WONDERFUL!!

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