A dream lives in your eyes
You want to see everything
Explore all possibilites
Knowing that life has a lot of paths...
You were born with passion within
You came with a purpose
You know how much your existence matters
You came to change the atmosphere around you...
You are friends with nature
The power of it you do not underestimate
Your own nature is also very powerful
You relate to its strength to live your truth...
You have eyes of an eagle
The people's nuances cannot find a disguise in front of the sharpeness of your sight
You know their fears, hopes, likes and dislikes, pains, and dreams
You are an admirer of their gifts
And protect yourself against the ones who are poisonous...
You fly with the winds
Let go with the ocean waves
Renew yourself with the seasons
Find shelter in the sun's core
Give wings to your imagination under the moon's platinum shadow...
Your free spirit has no boundaries
Your mind-set has no prejudice
What matters to you is what lives in the essence of evertyhing
Not what lies on the surface
The surface of things gets old
Is exposed to all kinds of damages
It becomes stiff with the passing time
And rusty at the end
This is the normal cycle of what is perishable in nature...
But the core can be always beautiful and shinning
Young and charming
Powerful and captivating
Only if
We learn how to cultivate it
By investing more in what is good, fair, meaningful
In what brings as food love and understanding
In what makes people's lives lighter and nicer
Detach ourselves of heavy things
That only bring destruction
We must live a life of construction
Do good, be good
Keep alive the dignity of our values...
Mistakes all of us make sometimes
It is a human thing
But mistakes we must learn from
Make of them something right
And from this right our truth
Our faith, our purpose
Our unshakable identity!


Everybody has a dream
Hers is to have an education
Without being marginalized by her gender...

She knows education is an open door for possibilites
Possibilities of being
Of doing
Of getting freedom...

Though she is very young
She is mature enough
To know the meaning of injustice...

A bullet called ignorance
Was put in her head
Exactly because she wanted to fight against it
Against this weed that tries to move Humanity backwards...

Ignorance is trying to prevent her to have her rights respected
Ignorance is afraid of knowledge
Knowledge undermines it
Takes its "credibility" away...

Malala is a brave girl
She is wise
She is strong
She is a light of hope
To the ones overwhelmed by oppression
Especially women and girls like her and younger...

Malala is fighting for her life
Her purpose will keep her alive
She will come back even stronger...

Ignorance has no other arguments but violence
It has nothing constructive to offer
But intimidation
It does not know that respect and followers
One gets through a positive message of love
Not by fear...

Ignorance gives birth to conflicts
To animosity between people
Judgemental minds stuck in paralysis...

Malala's mission is huge
But promissing
With enough heart and mind power to succeed...

No matter how much ignorance tries to suffocate wisdom
Freedom of thought
Freedom of being
Its has its foundation in weakness
Ignorance is against growth
So it does not grow either
It has an end in itself...

Malala when you wake up of this nightmare
You will have a wonderful surprise
You will discover that your dream became the dream of many
The seed you have left
Has been generating fruits
While you are trying to survive your ordeal
Your values are being embraced
By the ones who believe in equality and humanity...

Don't give up!
You have started a revolution
In the lives of so many other Malalas around the world!

Your values, your wisdom
Sense of justice
Altruistic purposes
Are speaking our loud
While you sleep...

You will come back for a better reality
Your values became ours!



International Day of the Girl
Congratulations to all the little ones around the world!!!
To each one of you this is my message:
Be proud of being born a girl
You are powerful
You are beautiful
You can!!!
It is true that there are a lot of people around the world
That try to make you believe in things you are not
You know, ignorance is an evil force
That wants to convince you that you are not worthy of anything
That you are inferior
That you are a loser
That you are weak, incapable
That you were born to serve, to be submissive, to be nothing
But the truth is that all this ignorant force
Tries so hard to do that
Because ignorance is afraid of your power
Your power can undermine ignorance
When you give your back to it
You become free to be you
To fight for everything you believe
Reach your goals
Build a promising future
By your own hands
You girls are strong
You are clever
You are wise
You are gifted
You are instruments of change
I was born a girl
In a family with three girls before me
My mother made us all so proud of being girls
We had to deal with many challenges
But together we overcame one by one
Girls must be bonded to each other
Many girls together as friends
Can do a lot of good things
When you all become grown up women
It will be even more important this bond
Together you can make this world a better place
With more justice, equality
A world that values love, respect, education
A world without wars
A world without abuse
A world with decency
A world with compassion
A world of givers not takers
Remember to protect your bodies
They are yours
They are not anybody else's property
They are sacred
They are your shelter
They are precious
You girls
You can whatever you want
You girls
Are not the problems
But the solutions!
Congratulations to all!
You were born winners
No matter how much certain individuals
Try to put you down
Don't forget to look inside yourselves
Ignorance wants to blind you for your inner strengths
But you must believe in that voice in your core
 That tells you who you really are
The big importance you have
Ignorance will never be stronger than YOU!!
Then you will be free!


The book was the ship
That took me to a place
I could not be found by others...
I was by  myself
Guided by the wind during the days
And stars made of candles during the night
The air was comfortable to breath...
The languages of nature
I could speak fluently
Understand and be understood
That gave me such a sense of freedom...
My imagination was caught by the emotions
That surrounded me
Emotions of foreign places
From people I have never seen...
I had no fears
No doubts
There was no division of time
Past, present, and future
Shared the same moment
They were allies
There was no opposition
Peace was part of everything...
The incredible transparency of things
Was amazingly beautiful
Nothing had shadows
Nothing was hidden
Everything wanted to be heard and seen...
Everything was so deep in meaning
That I became so close of divinity
Love was right there
The most radiant thing
Almost blinded me to the world around...
Love was so unsophisticated
So down to earth
So touchable...
The simplicity of the most powerful emotions
Mesmerized me
I  never thought they could be around all the time
So my biggest lesson was to learn to be more sensitive
Not to what seemed unreachable by the surface
But the things that wrapped me when I felt vulnerable...


The Fall season speaks the language of silences
Trees drop their leaves
Surrendering by the wind thief

A refreshing breeze
Our senses teases

It is the land of serenity
The heaven chosen to enjoy eternity

This silence speaks volumes
The mornings are surrounded by foggy fumes

Leave all the crazyness behind
It is time to comfort the mind

The rain is coming to overwhelm the ground with blessings
Blessings of life
All this atmosphere I want to hold tight

It makes shine inside
And sets us free
Nature is the masterpiece of the Almighty
We must be friends with it
And leave behind swords and shields
Heal the wounds
Find the peace within and out
Because without peace we cannot live our selves out loud...



I decided to created a space to women from all parts of the world to discuss issues important to you as women. Bring your points-of-view, feelings, dreams, experiences, things you worry about, like (images, quotes, pieces of writing, books you have loved, etc), also let us know women which have influenced you somehow, and why they did. All are welcome regardless color, age, race, profession, culture, social status, education, believes, or religion. Your voice will resonate in each and every heart here. We women can learn a lot from one another. Thank you!