International Day of the Girl
Congratulations to all the little ones around the world!!!
To each one of you this is my message:
Be proud of being born a girl
You are powerful
You are beautiful
You can!!!
It is true that there are a lot of people around the world
That try to make you believe in things you are not
You know, ignorance is an evil force
That wants to convince you that you are not worthy of anything
That you are inferior
That you are a loser
That you are weak, incapable
That you were born to serve, to be submissive, to be nothing
But the truth is that all this ignorant force
Tries so hard to do that
Because ignorance is afraid of your power
Your power can undermine ignorance
When you give your back to it
You become free to be you
To fight for everything you believe
Reach your goals
Build a promising future
By your own hands
You girls are strong
You are clever
You are wise
You are gifted
You are instruments of change
I was born a girl
In a family with three girls before me
My mother made us all so proud of being girls
We had to deal with many challenges
But together we overcame one by one
Girls must be bonded to each other
Many girls together as friends
Can do a lot of good things
When you all become grown up women
It will be even more important this bond
Together you can make this world a better place
With more justice, equality
A world that values love, respect, education
A world without wars
A world without abuse
A world with decency
A world with compassion
A world of givers not takers
Remember to protect your bodies
They are yours
They are not anybody else's property
They are sacred
They are your shelter
They are precious
You girls
You can whatever you want
You girls
Are not the problems
But the solutions!
Congratulations to all!
You were born winners
No matter how much certain individuals
Try to put you down
Don't forget to look inside yourselves
Ignorance wants to blind you for your inner strengths
But you must believe in that voice in your core
 That tells you who you really are
The big importance you have
Ignorance will never be stronger than YOU!!
Then you will be free!

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