Everybody has a dream
Hers is to have an education
Without being marginalized by her gender...

She knows education is an open door for possibilites
Possibilities of being
Of doing
Of getting freedom...

Though she is very young
She is mature enough
To know the meaning of injustice...

A bullet called ignorance
Was put in her head
Exactly because she wanted to fight against it
Against this weed that tries to move Humanity backwards...

Ignorance is trying to prevent her to have her rights respected
Ignorance is afraid of knowledge
Knowledge undermines it
Takes its "credibility" away...

Malala is a brave girl
She is wise
She is strong
She is a light of hope
To the ones overwhelmed by oppression
Especially women and girls like her and younger...

Malala is fighting for her life
Her purpose will keep her alive
She will come back even stronger...

Ignorance has no other arguments but violence
It has nothing constructive to offer
But intimidation
It does not know that respect and followers
One gets through a positive message of love
Not by fear...

Ignorance gives birth to conflicts
To animosity between people
Judgemental minds stuck in paralysis...

Malala's mission is huge
But promissing
With enough heart and mind power to succeed...

No matter how much ignorance tries to suffocate wisdom
Freedom of thought
Freedom of being
Its has its foundation in weakness
Ignorance is against growth
So it does not grow either
It has an end in itself...

Malala when you wake up of this nightmare
You will have a wonderful surprise
You will discover that your dream became the dream of many
The seed you have left
Has been generating fruits
While you are trying to survive your ordeal
Your values are being embraced
By the ones who believe in equality and humanity...

Don't give up!
You have started a revolution
In the lives of so many other Malalas around the world!

Your values, your wisdom
Sense of justice
Altruistic purposes
Are speaking our loud
While you sleep...

You will come back for a better reality
Your values became ours!


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