A dream lives in your eyes
You want to see everything
Explore all possibilites
Knowing that life has a lot of paths...
You were born with passion within
You came with a purpose
You know how much your existence matters
You came to change the atmosphere around you...
You are friends with nature
The power of it you do not underestimate
Your own nature is also very powerful
You relate to its strength to live your truth...
You have eyes of an eagle
The people's nuances cannot find a disguise in front of the sharpeness of your sight
You know their fears, hopes, likes and dislikes, pains, and dreams
You are an admirer of their gifts
And protect yourself against the ones who are poisonous...
You fly with the winds
Let go with the ocean waves
Renew yourself with the seasons
Find shelter in the sun's core
Give wings to your imagination under the moon's platinum shadow...
Your free spirit has no boundaries
Your mind-set has no prejudice
What matters to you is what lives in the essence of evertyhing
Not what lies on the surface
The surface of things gets old
Is exposed to all kinds of damages
It becomes stiff with the passing time
And rusty at the end
This is the normal cycle of what is perishable in nature...
But the core can be always beautiful and shinning
Young and charming
Powerful and captivating
Only if
We learn how to cultivate it
By investing more in what is good, fair, meaningful
In what brings as food love and understanding
In what makes people's lives lighter and nicer
Detach ourselves of heavy things
That only bring destruction
We must live a life of construction
Do good, be good
Keep alive the dignity of our values...
Mistakes all of us make sometimes
It is a human thing
But mistakes we must learn from
Make of them something right
And from this right our truth
Our faith, our purpose
Our unshakable identity!

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