The book was the ship
That took me to a place
I could not be found by others...
I was by  myself
Guided by the wind during the days
And stars made of candles during the night
The air was comfortable to breath...
The languages of nature
I could speak fluently
Understand and be understood
That gave me such a sense of freedom...
My imagination was caught by the emotions
That surrounded me
Emotions of foreign places
From people I have never seen...
I had no fears
No doubts
There was no division of time
Past, present, and future
Shared the same moment
They were allies
There was no opposition
Peace was part of everything...
The incredible transparency of things
Was amazingly beautiful
Nothing had shadows
Nothing was hidden
Everything wanted to be heard and seen...
Everything was so deep in meaning
That I became so close of divinity
Love was right there
The most radiant thing
Almost blinded me to the world around...
Love was so unsophisticated
So down to earth
So touchable...
The simplicity of the most powerful emotions
Mesmerized me
I  never thought they could be around all the time
So my biggest lesson was to learn to be more sensitive
Not to what seemed unreachable by the surface
But the things that wrapped me when I felt vulnerable...

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