It is like a heartbeat
That becomes stronger
With the tone of the expectation building up...
Little by little
The atmosphere starts changing its mood...
Innocent winds
Turn to rounds of lashes hitting the coast...
The sky starts its metamorphosis of colors
The blue layer gets pale
A creepy shade of gray takes the lead
It gives a short-lived sense of time paralysis...
Then comes the rain
Profuse as the flow of blood
Of an artery that was cut 
And nothing can stop its stream...
Inside our homes, our shelters
We witness the force of nature
With an expression of astonishment and terror
It gives a sense of helplessness within
We are nothing compared to Mother Nature's will
It is the biggest lesson of humbleness
It teaches us...
It will make sure we will learn, for sure!
The storm can take us away
Wherever it wants
As we were trees with nude roots
It can steal possessions of all kinds
The most valuable one: life
It is not only the wind that can be twisted around us
But our entire moment in time...
The threat a storm of big proportion brings
Is nothing less than overwhelming
It suffocates the senses
The reasoning
We just want to close our eyes
And wait
And wait...
This waiting seems forever when we have surrendered to our fears...
The storm is gone
Its unforgivable fury left a scenario of desolation
It means relief but also disbelief...
Comes that absolute silence
A false state of calm that blankets horror...
For some it is time to be grateful
For others it is a beginning of an arduous process of grief
Each one gets affected unevenly
While one storm finishes
Another one unfolds...within.