Many things that I like to write about have been inspired  by the way Edgar Allan Poe wrote his stories. His personality intrigues me a great deal! Some people think that his work was too morbid in nature. He wrote a lot about death, ghosts, fear, anguish, darkness, and tormented souls. His characters live in constant state of terror. Perhaps, that is why I am so fascinated by his stories, because they make the reader to dive deeply inside the unique psychology of his characters and his own. His stories have nothing to do with the ordinary, but the extraordinary. I find so fascinating this intricate world of human's nature regarding emotions. We can learn so much, be amazed, and "kidnapped" by the mysteries they are made of.
Edgar Allah Poe had a brilliant mind, a remarkable creativity, and a profound understanding about the things that live in one's emotional dusty attic!
Once I visited Poe's house in Philadelphia that became a museum. The guide who takes the visitants to a tour, is a character apart himself. I do not know if by his influence or not, but the house has a very strange atmosphere. Two rooms of the house are particularly intriguing and somewhat suffocating. The bedroom where Poe's wife died of pneumonia and the basement, the place the writer got inspiration to write "The Black Cat". It is hard to describe the sensation, but one feels uneasy if stays for long in those places. For me it was like to be taken inside the heaviness of his stories.  It was quite an experience, I must say!
Haunted soul
Hard to unfold
Hides secrets carved in mold
Master of the unkown
Mr. Edgar Allan Poe
His tales give chills to one's bone
Puzzling creature
Prone to premonition
Immersed in suspition
Slave of superstition


Paths of life
Changing my inner seasons
Moods of Spring
Colorful, vibrant, inviting
Moods of Summer
Warm, intense, involving
Moods of Autumn
Serene, melancholic, intriguing
Moods of Winter
Protective, intuitive, impending
Foggy thoughts
Convoluted knots
Melting pots
Powerful weather of emotions
Could disturb oceans...


From poverty to abuse
From humiliation to rejection
A strong will to succeed was born
A girl from Kansas City in the 20's
Dreamed of being a dancer

Her fate was not sealed as a dancer
But as a motion picture actress
It was on the silver screen
That another part of her was born
The movie star
A very unique one!

No obstacle would undermine her determination
And there were plenty of them along her career
Especially the ones from her childhood
That kept haunted her all her life
Fears she turned into strength
She challenged her ghosts
She was a self-made winner
By building her own ideal image
Her own ideal self
She became her own dream come true
It took a lot of discipline and professionalism

She was adored and admired by lots and lots of people
Even the ones who did not like her
Could not stop acknowledging her
Her charisma was undeniable
Her personality was bigger than life
A person of extremes and eccentricities
Strong opinions
An innate fighter

She had a very intriguing beauty
Inquisitive eyes
Mesmerizing expression
Fragility and tenacity blended
The camera got bewitched by her face
She had such a formidable force within her core

On the silver screen
She paraded her versatility as an artist
First as a dancer
Then as a comedian
But it was in her dramatic roles
That she proved her case as a truly skilled professional
She portrayed many times women much close to who she was
Hard working ones with unshakable determination
Women hurt by life vicissitudes
Which never gave up a better life
Always pushed by their strong ambitious

In other roles she make people fearful of her
As domineering and controlling characters
To the level of insanity
She was always suspicious of men
Sharp and self-sufficient
Sometimes manipulative and blindly obsessive
Even characters which seemed cold and selfish
Got the sympathy of the audience
As they were always victimized by a hard past
That could justify their harsh attitudes latter in life

For 50 years
Joan Crawford
Never lost her fighting spirit
When she became a middle aged woman
And critics thought it was the end of her career
Against all odds
She got her Oscar in a leading role for "Mildred Pierce"
In 1945

At the end of her life
Her roles started hurting her image
As they became very derogatory, even bizarre
But she never lost her dignity as an actress
No matter role, she gave the best of herself
She always did the extra mile

She excelled in everything she did
In spite of her insecurities and feelings of inadequacy
She worked extremely hard to reach her goals in life
Above all, she did everything she could
To be loved, admired, wanted, accepted
And remain a star for eternity

I think she got her wish!



Cozy place
With so many things to embrace
Lightens my face
By leaving me in a state of grace...
Old books spend a life in shelves
Each one has a spell
So precious
As a pearl inside its shell...
The armchairs accomodated
Remarkable companions
 Marvelous sharing of conversations
With meanings as deep as canions...
This place breaths the past
The stories collected here are so vast
Everyone who came to stay with me
Left his very best...
I love its atmosphere
I can travel in it
To a time I do not actually belong
But immersed in it I want to stay for long...


Drops of thoughts
Come with knots...
Unleashed imagination
Openning doors to creation
By getting rid of stagnation...
Thoughts in chains
Feelings in veins
Dreams in trains
Nights soaked in torrential rains...
Brain talks
Building blocks
Flying as high as hawks
Pandora's box...
Voices of self
Countless meaning's shelf...
Movies of a life within
Melodies of a violin
Connected as a conjoined twin...
Challenging intricacies of mind
Hard to confide
Memories hidden behind
Answers to find 
Nothing must be left blind...


Intricacies of the self
Form a labyrinth
With twists and turns...

Locked doors
Barely open windows
Leave a mystery
Hard to solve...

It is a constant search for answers
To uncertain questions
That haunt the corridors
Blanketed by shadows
Stormed by heavy torrents of winds...

Revelations do not come easily
They demand a lot of digging
The digging is always fragmented
As the locations are not easy
To be found
To be explored to the fullest...

Deep are the emotions
That leave clues in the archives of memories
Inventory of thoughts
Carved marks from intense experiences...

Labyrinthine me
Reveal your voice
Open your eyes
Translate your truth
Make shine your identity


"NEW YEAR - 2013"

A new year started!
Once again a white canvas
We have in front of us
We can use black and white or colors
To paint a new beginning
It is up to us!
The way we will use the paintbrush
Must be wise
Not randomly done...
Lets make everyday
A sun shinning on top of the hill
A clean and comforting blue sky
Many huge trees
To give us a sense of humbleness...
Lets paint in green
Wide valleys
As green means life in its full potential...
The golden yellow is warm and vibrant
The pink is graceful and sweet
The red embraces love
The orange reveals the stunning Fall...
Don't use dark colors
They are painful
They make our legs hard to  move
Our hearts heavy to feel...
The only dark of colors
Must be the dark blue of nights
When we stars can shine
And our eyes dream...
What we are going to do with our lives
Must be a path
Surrounded by flowers and birds
As they bring smiles and hope when we stare at them...
We must be conscious artists
We must focus on beauty to all
The strokes of the paintbrush
Must be generous
In passion and determination
In our efforts to create better paths
We must do well
As the masterpiece of today
Will be the mirror for tomorrow!