Many things that I like to write about have been inspired  by the way Edgar Allan Poe wrote his stories. His personality intrigues me a great deal! Some people think that his work was too morbid in nature. He wrote a lot about death, ghosts, fear, anguish, darkness, and tormented souls. His characters live in constant state of terror. Perhaps, that is why I am so fascinated by his stories, because they make the reader to dive deeply inside the unique psychology of his characters and his own. His stories have nothing to do with the ordinary, but the extraordinary. I find so fascinating this intricate world of human's nature regarding emotions. We can learn so much, be amazed, and "kidnapped" by the mysteries they are made of.
Edgar Allah Poe had a brilliant mind, a remarkable creativity, and a profound understanding about the things that live in one's emotional dusty attic!
Once I visited Poe's house in Philadelphia that became a museum. The guide who takes the visitants to a tour, is a character apart himself. I do not know if by his influence or not, but the house has a very strange atmosphere. Two rooms of the house are particularly intriguing and somewhat suffocating. The bedroom where Poe's wife died of pneumonia and the basement, the place the writer got inspiration to write "The Black Cat". It is hard to describe the sensation, but one feels uneasy if stays for long in those places. For me it was like to be taken inside the heaviness of his stories.  It was quite an experience, I must say!
Haunted soul
Hard to unfold
Hides secrets carved in mold
Master of the unkown
Mr. Edgar Allan Poe
His tales give chills to one's bone
Puzzling creature
Prone to premonition
Immersed in suspition
Slave of superstition

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