"NEW YEAR - 2013"

A new year started!
Once again a white canvas
We have in front of us
We can use black and white or colors
To paint a new beginning
It is up to us!
The way we will use the paintbrush
Must be wise
Not randomly done...
Lets make everyday
A sun shinning on top of the hill
A clean and comforting blue sky
Many huge trees
To give us a sense of humbleness...
Lets paint in green
Wide valleys
As green means life in its full potential...
The golden yellow is warm and vibrant
The pink is graceful and sweet
The red embraces love
The orange reveals the stunning Fall...
Don't use dark colors
They are painful
They make our legs hard to  move
Our hearts heavy to feel...
The only dark of colors
Must be the dark blue of nights
When we stars can shine
And our eyes dream...
What we are going to do with our lives
Must be a path
Surrounded by flowers and birds
As they bring smiles and hope when we stare at them...
We must be conscious artists
We must focus on beauty to all
The strokes of the paintbrush
Must be generous
In passion and determination
In our efforts to create better paths
We must do well
As the masterpiece of today
Will be the mirror for tomorrow!

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