There was an old man
I used to see every day in a square close to my home
He seemed so frail
Just skin and bone
He had always a book with him
Old and thin
He did not take his eyes away of it
It was as if in those pages 
He could find everything 
That to his world would perfectely fit
The old man
Ignored the movements of the life around him
People, birds, cars, trees
Even the noise of bees
Perhaps he had lived enough all those things
Now he wanted to embrace the words of the book within
 He was the most intriguing man I have ever seen
One day
The old man disappeared
For his life I feared
Someone told me that he had gotten sick and died
Beside his bed in the hospital
They found an old book
"The ship of life I took
Somewhere else I could look"
I missed him every day when I crossed the square
I still could remember his silver hair
Blowing with the wind as a pair
I always wondered him beyond the skies
His memory inside me never dies
In my imagination the old man flies


It is Spring time
When Nature reawakens and declares:
"I am again pretty fine!
It is time to wake up and shine!"
The long and arduous Winter
Leaves the scene
For a parade of incredible transformations to be seen
Flowers start blossoming
The fields become intensely green
The family of ducks
Crosses the streets now with fifteen
Colors of Nature
Are back to once again mature
They are all so beautiful combined
So vivid that almost our eyes blind
To impress us they were designed
How divine!!!
The warm days
Our enthusiasm raise
They have the power to cure whatever malaise
All the things out there we must praise
We should never take Nature for granted
If we want to keep contemplating the beauty of it
We must be protective, lets admit!
Nature came to us for free
Lets replant each and every tree
Stop polluting the sea
Let the animals be
Earth is our home
Lets not burn it
As Nero did with Rome
From the fields we get our food to survive
We must love our planet
As the bees do their hive
From Nature's well being ours derive


Today is Joan Crawford´s birthday
And though she is somewhere far away
It does not make this date gray
She keeps being part of our thoughts and emotions
Every single day

Tough was her childhood
She did everything to do good
Even if around her nothing was in a nice mood
She had to work hard to enjoy scarce food

She loved to dance
That talent was what gave her a chance
A big studio got interested in her
Many people thought all that competition she could not bear
But her spirit was brave
Changing her life was what she did crave

Motion pictures
Bought her a salary of six figures
A silent movie actress she became
Little by little she made her name
She was there to win each and every game
In a few years everything she had was a lot of fame

The biggest movie star
Of Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Joan Crawford raised the bar
Her charisma was bigger than of a czar
She was born to be a super star

On the silver screen
Her image was of a queen
For all her life she had the energy of a teen
She had more fans than anybody has ever seen

Some people found her too tough
Others too rough
But a legion of people got in love with her sure enough
She was deeply devoted to her fans
They were always part of her plans

With a personality bigger than life
She knew she would succeed since she was five
She was the queen bee of a hive
She had to be very strong to survive

She always did the extra mile
To keep her sophisticated life style
Her existence was a constant trial
She knew she had to be versatile

The legacy she left is extraordinary
She was everything but ordinary
Her memory is still fresh as a just harvested strawberry
She was as determined as a ferry

Congratulations Mrs. Crawford
For your birthday
Your image, talent and beauty
Will never be ignored
You will be forever in your fans' billboard
You were Hollywood's
Golden award!



Have a seat
Turn off the light
Forget everything out of the room
Let yourself go with the flow of the events
Coming from the silver screen
Now it is just about you and them
This is how the fascination for movies begins...
My love for old movies started when I was a child
My mother used to tell me about the movies
That she liked the most still as a young lady
She told me especially about the movie stars
I did adore those conversations with her....
I could stay listening forever!
The sleepless nights were many
When my mother and I
Watched black and white movies on TV
While everybody else around us was dreaming with the eyes closed
Both of us were dreaming with the eyes wide open
Those movies were pure magnetism for us...

So many years passed...
Now I am a middle aged woman
Who still nurture the same love for movies and movie stars
More the time passes
More involved I become...

I have no any technical knowledge about movies
But I do identify with some of them
With deep involvement of emotions
And I think this is enough of knowledge for me
It is like a painting
We do not need to understand each and every detail
Of colors or strokes of paintbrush
Or kind of material or motivations of the artist
To like it and make it have a life of its own for us
We can embrace it completely regardless the technical aspects

Many movies from the classic era
Had very special characteristics
Which got lost along the way in the movie making process today
The dialogues were so refined
The way the camera made the close ups
The way they used the lights and shadows
The so accurate taste in the sceneries
The way the movie stars carried their legacy
The way they kept all that illusion as the illusion was part of the reality
Everything so extraordinary!

The silent movies
Demanded so much from the actors
Once in a movie called "Sunset Boulevard"
The main character played by Gloria Swanson said:
"We didn't need dialogues, we had faces!"
She was herself one of the greatest silent stars
Today those movies may look quite ancient
But they were the pioneers
In the art in motion pictures 
 The most intriguing thing about movies I think
Is the connection between the stars and their audience in that dark room
The way the stars can bring the public so close to them
Through a sort of commitment of feelings
And an intertwined web of states of mind
The audience becomes the stars' confidant
 I still feel this way when I watch old movies
It is an amazing thing
This kind of silent understanding
This almost secret love...

For those few hours
We can live so many roles
Be at so many places
Travel in time
Be part of another world
As we were in a deep state of awe
Blind and deaf to everything else...

All those impressions stay on us
Those experiences of complete illusion
We no longer live the reality of facts
But the numbness those kind of emotions bring...



A path unfolds in front of me
Forces me to make a decision of who I am going to be
Suddenly, endless possibilities I am able to see
The mystery of it
Increases my heartbeat
A new life to fit
Challenges on the way
Make the excitement of the day
It is too late to change the mind and run away
All of these extraordinary experiences
Awake the senses
And unturned defenses
The unknown
Takes us out of our comfort zone
It demands a new tone
Life has its own mood and agenda
Its ungencies cannot be postponed


She had a spark of light on her face
It was pure radiance
Her eyes smiled
Her voice had the most pleasant tone
Greer Garson
Was a British actress
Who became one of the most famous movie stars in the 40's
People used to say that
The way she was in her movies, she was in real life
She played roles of  giving, clever, and sensitive women
Always very likeable characters
With strong personality
And mesmerizing nature
She was a woman of undeniable talents
Did not have a very long career in Hollywood
But the legacy she left
Did carve deep impressions  on people's minds and hearts
She was nominated seven times for the Oscar
The Academy Award of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Came finally in 1942 for her leading role in the movie "Mrs. Miniver"
It was a splendid performance!
Greer Garson
Captivated everybody everywhere
She had an extraordinarily magnetic presence
 A very fine actress and lady
Charming, graceful, eloquent
A person to be remembered, celebrated, and admired
As a woman
She empowered all of us
Her face
What an unique expression it had
It is hard to describe
It was not about the obvious beauty
It had an aura
It was absolutely sublime...


Margarita Carmen Cansino
Was the portrait of grace
Sweet and adorable
When she went to Hollywood
She was painfully shy
And the studios did not know what to do with her
She was of  Spanish descent
Her looks seemed exotic to the silver screen
Little by little
She lost her fear of the camera
And the camera became bewitched by her
Not only the camera
But also the audience
Those people in the dark room of the theaters
Where her movies used to be played
On the screen
The shy Margarita Carmen Cansino
Became the most seductive between all movie stars of her time
Rita Hayworth
She was called Hollywood's Love Goddess
Her dark hair was turned flaming red
Hollywood made a femme fatale of her
Nobody could ignore anymore
Her absolutely powerful presence
The way she danced on her films
Was so captivating to watch
She was as light  as a feather
She was born a magnificent dancer
It was in her soul that gift
Margarita and Rita had two very distinct personalities
Who knew Margarita could not imagine her as Rita
Who knew Rita could not imagine her as Margarita
It was exactly the public's fascination for Rita Hayworth
That made Margarita's life quite difficult
Margarita wanted to be seen as an ordinary woman
Simple in her way
A wife, a mother, a working woman
Who liked to be at home
But most people, especially men, expected her to be endlessly 
The sensual and mind-blowing Rita Hayworth
So many of them took advantage of her in many ways
She was absolutely vulnerable
In her ingenuousness
As an actress she became the queen of the Columbia Studios
In real life a real princess
But her life in any of the two spheres
Was a fairy tale, after all
She lived unhappy
And much later in life
Alzheimer disease stole from her
The memory of the great movie star she was
Who knew her well
Described her as a very loving, giving, genuinely good person
Timid, discreet, and captivating
She had a heart of gold
And the splendor of a star
She had the magnificent beauty
The unequivocal talent
But what she craved the most
She did not have
The sense of being loved and respected unconditionally
For her true self
Not a fabricated image of a woman 
She always felt unfit in


Sunlight used to come to see me
It brought enthusiasm and the sensation of life in full
It was all smiles, extroverted nature
No inhibitions...
Shadow used to visit me as well
She arrived slowly, as timid as ever
I felt its hesitation
Her delicacy was very charming
It was pleasant and discreet...
Along my life I could see
Their friendship flourishing little by little
Sunlight and shadow running toward the green fields
Enjoying their freedom
It was beautiful...
Oh God, they were the portrait of balance!
Had a very gracious way to relate
Were each other's confidants
They mastered companionship...
Sunlight and shadow never grew old
Were destined to live forever
And witness the metamorphosis of time over other lives
If they could talk
They would be storytellers
For sure!


Congratulations to all women, good mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, and professionals. Women who fight for their own rights to have a voice of their own heard, who love unconditionally, wise, teachers of life, life givers, caregivers, brave, entrepreneurs, full of integrity, creative, women of faith, opinionated, high spirit, proud of being women, and in most difficult moments are there still with a positive word, a hug to give, and an unshakeable determination to face whatever challenge. Women are the messengers of love and peace. Thank you for all women who have made difference in my life in the past and in the present sharing their wisdom, encouragement, love, and understanding. All the experiences with you have been so deeply rewarding and personal treasures to me.


Haunted house
Where lives the witch's spouse
Infested with ghosts
Which love to be the Halloween parties's hosts
Count Dracula is always the most special guest
With blood he is obsessed
Frankenstein complains of a terrible headache
His loosen screws are always all over the place
Finding them is nothing less than a piece of cake
The bats enjoy to fly around the towers
In the backyard the garden is crowded with fainted flowers
Strange sounds can be heard in each and every room of the mansion
This place gives chills to the spine
To the strange people who live there
It is perfectly fine
The queen of the house is the witch
Her voice has a horrible pitch
But she is the nicest woman of all
She is busy with her fellow witches in a conference call
Her brooms she parks behind the doors
They help her with the chores
When they sleep is a symphony of snores
In this house nobody gets bored
It is a very entertaining atmosphere
All the lost souls are possessed
Scaring people is what they do best
Be my guest!


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