It is Spring time
When Nature reawakens and declares:
"I am again pretty fine!
It is time to wake up and shine!"
The long and arduous Winter
Leaves the scene
For a parade of incredible transformations to be seen
Flowers start blossoming
The fields become intensely green
The family of ducks
Crosses the streets now with fifteen
Colors of Nature
Are back to once again mature
They are all so beautiful combined
So vivid that almost our eyes blind
To impress us they were designed
How divine!!!
The warm days
Our enthusiasm raise
They have the power to cure whatever malaise
All the things out there we must praise
We should never take Nature for granted
If we want to keep contemplating the beauty of it
We must be protective, lets admit!
Nature came to us for free
Lets replant each and every tree
Stop polluting the sea
Let the animals be
Earth is our home
Lets not burn it
As Nero did with Rome
From the fields we get our food to survive
We must love our planet
As the bees do their hive
From Nature's well being ours derive

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