Today is Joan Crawford´s birthday
And though she is somewhere far away
It does not make this date gray
She keeps being part of our thoughts and emotions
Every single day

Tough was her childhood
She did everything to do good
Even if around her nothing was in a nice mood
She had to work hard to enjoy scarce food

She loved to dance
That talent was what gave her a chance
A big studio got interested in her
Many people thought all that competition she could not bear
But her spirit was brave
Changing her life was what she did crave

Motion pictures
Bought her a salary of six figures
A silent movie actress she became
Little by little she made her name
She was there to win each and every game
In a few years everything she had was a lot of fame

The biggest movie star
Of Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Joan Crawford raised the bar
Her charisma was bigger than of a czar
She was born to be a super star

On the silver screen
Her image was of a queen
For all her life she had the energy of a teen
She had more fans than anybody has ever seen

Some people found her too tough
Others too rough
But a legion of people got in love with her sure enough
She was deeply devoted to her fans
They were always part of her plans

With a personality bigger than life
She knew she would succeed since she was five
She was the queen bee of a hive
She had to be very strong to survive

She always did the extra mile
To keep her sophisticated life style
Her existence was a constant trial
She knew she had to be versatile

The legacy she left is extraordinary
She was everything but ordinary
Her memory is still fresh as a just harvested strawberry
She was as determined as a ferry

Congratulations Mrs. Crawford
For your birthday
Your image, talent and beauty
Will never be ignored
You will be forever in your fans' billboard
You were Hollywood's
Golden award!


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