Haunted house
Where lives the witch's spouse
Infested with ghosts
Which love to be the Halloween parties's hosts
Count Dracula is always the most special guest
With blood he is obsessed
Frankenstein complains of a terrible headache
His loosen screws are always all over the place
Finding them is nothing less than a piece of cake
The bats enjoy to fly around the towers
In the backyard the garden is crowded with fainted flowers
Strange sounds can be heard in each and every room of the mansion
This place gives chills to the spine
To the strange people who live there
It is perfectly fine
The queen of the house is the witch
Her voice has a horrible pitch
But she is the nicest woman of all
She is busy with her fellow witches in a conference call
Her brooms she parks behind the doors
They help her with the chores
When they sleep is a symphony of snores
In this house nobody gets bored
It is a very entertaining atmosphere
All the lost souls are possessed
Scaring people is what they do best
Be my guest!

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