Margarita Carmen Cansino
Was the portrait of grace
Sweet and adorable
When she went to Hollywood
She was painfully shy
And the studios did not know what to do with her
She was of  Spanish descent
Her looks seemed exotic to the silver screen
Little by little
She lost her fear of the camera
And the camera became bewitched by her
Not only the camera
But also the audience
Those people in the dark room of the theaters
Where her movies used to be played
On the screen
The shy Margarita Carmen Cansino
Became the most seductive between all movie stars of her time
Rita Hayworth
She was called Hollywood's Love Goddess
Her dark hair was turned flaming red
Hollywood made a femme fatale of her
Nobody could ignore anymore
Her absolutely powerful presence
The way she danced on her films
Was so captivating to watch
She was as light  as a feather
She was born a magnificent dancer
It was in her soul that gift
Margarita and Rita had two very distinct personalities
Who knew Margarita could not imagine her as Rita
Who knew Rita could not imagine her as Margarita
It was exactly the public's fascination for Rita Hayworth
That made Margarita's life quite difficult
Margarita wanted to be seen as an ordinary woman
Simple in her way
A wife, a mother, a working woman
Who liked to be at home
But most people, especially men, expected her to be endlessly 
The sensual and mind-blowing Rita Hayworth
So many of them took advantage of her in many ways
She was absolutely vulnerable
In her ingenuousness
As an actress she became the queen of the Columbia Studios
In real life a real princess
But her life in any of the two spheres
Was a fairy tale, after all
She lived unhappy
And much later in life
Alzheimer disease stole from her
The memory of the great movie star she was
Who knew her well
Described her as a very loving, giving, genuinely good person
Timid, discreet, and captivating
She had a heart of gold
And the splendor of a star
She had the magnificent beauty
The unequivocal talent
But what she craved the most
She did not have
The sense of being loved and respected unconditionally
For her true self
Not a fabricated image of a woman 
She always felt unfit in

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