She had a spark of light on her face
It was pure radiance
Her eyes smiled
Her voice had the most pleasant tone
Greer Garson
Was a British actress
Who became one of the most famous movie stars in the 40's
People used to say that
The way she was in her movies, she was in real life
She played roles of  giving, clever, and sensitive women
Always very likeable characters
With strong personality
And mesmerizing nature
She was a woman of undeniable talents
Did not have a very long career in Hollywood
But the legacy she left
Did carve deep impressions  on people's minds and hearts
She was nominated seven times for the Oscar
The Academy Award of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Came finally in 1942 for her leading role in the movie "Mrs. Miniver"
It was a splendid performance!
Greer Garson
Captivated everybody everywhere
She had an extraordinarily magnetic presence
 A very fine actress and lady
Charming, graceful, eloquent
A person to be remembered, celebrated, and admired
As a woman
She empowered all of us
Her face
What an unique expression it had
It is hard to describe
It was not about the obvious beauty
It had an aura
It was absolutely sublime...

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