Have a seat
Turn off the light
Forget everything out of the room
Let yourself go with the flow of the events
Coming from the silver screen
Now it is just about you and them
This is how the fascination for movies begins...
My love for old movies started when I was a child
My mother used to tell me about the movies
That she liked the most still as a young lady
She told me especially about the movie stars
I did adore those conversations with her....
I could stay listening forever!
The sleepless nights were many
When my mother and I
Watched black and white movies on TV
While everybody else around us was dreaming with the eyes closed
Both of us were dreaming with the eyes wide open
Those movies were pure magnetism for us...

So many years passed...
Now I am a middle aged woman
Who still nurture the same love for movies and movie stars
More the time passes
More involved I become...

I have no any technical knowledge about movies
But I do identify with some of them
With deep involvement of emotions
And I think this is enough of knowledge for me
It is like a painting
We do not need to understand each and every detail
Of colors or strokes of paintbrush
Or kind of material or motivations of the artist
To like it and make it have a life of its own for us
We can embrace it completely regardless the technical aspects

Many movies from the classic era
Had very special characteristics
Which got lost along the way in the movie making process today
The dialogues were so refined
The way the camera made the close ups
The way they used the lights and shadows
The so accurate taste in the sceneries
The way the movie stars carried their legacy
The way they kept all that illusion as the illusion was part of the reality
Everything so extraordinary!

The silent movies
Demanded so much from the actors
Once in a movie called "Sunset Boulevard"
The main character played by Gloria Swanson said:
"We didn't need dialogues, we had faces!"
She was herself one of the greatest silent stars
Today those movies may look quite ancient
But they were the pioneers
In the art in motion pictures 
 The most intriguing thing about movies I think
Is the connection between the stars and their audience in that dark room
The way the stars can bring the public so close to them
Through a sort of commitment of feelings
And an intertwined web of states of mind
The audience becomes the stars' confidant
 I still feel this way when I watch old movies
It is an amazing thing
This kind of silent understanding
This almost secret love...

For those few hours
We can live so many roles
Be at so many places
Travel in time
Be part of another world
As we were in a deep state of awe
Blind and deaf to everything else...

All those impressions stay on us
Those experiences of complete illusion
We no longer live the reality of facts
But the numbness those kind of emotions bring...


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