Once upon a time
There was an old castle
That lived a very desolate life...

Its walls were in ruins
The numerous windows falling apart
The inner parts were dusty
The outer parts rusty...

It felt absolutely lonely
As its golden age had been lost in the past
It missed the times when everything was a blast...

The castle was proud
When the kings and queens used to spent their lives there
The knights crossed its gates with their magnificent horses
The pieces of furniture were all French style
The ceilings had the dark blue of the Nile...

The atmosphere was all celebration
Barons, Princes, Countesses, Lords, Dukes
The royalty was a blend of personalities
Displaying all kinds of mentalities
Descendants of a long catalog of nationalities...

The castle now was empty
It was stripped of its glorious status
A castle without people
Is like a garden without flowers
It gets more and more depressed with the passing hours...

But one day
An old witch arrived in the castle
And made of it her home
And the castle never again felt alone...

It is true that the witch's mood was a little strange
Her laughs were so sinister that seemed
To have emerged from the graves
Her friends had no manners
They looked the wild people which used to live in caves
But the castle did not mind
In them it saw the best of friends
Friends that in the royalty he could never find...

The witch decorated all the corners of the castle
With a blanket of spider webs
Rats took the dark cellar over
Vampire bats loved to fly around the highest towers
The castle was all impressed by its new hosts
It loved to hear the sounds of the chains tied to the ghosts...

Now the castle felt young again
Now it did not matter that the walls were in ruins
The windows falling apart
Everything dusty inside
Everything rusty outside
Because what really mattered after all
Was to have love and joy in its core
It never again felt bored
The witch and her bizarre guests
Made of the castle's countless rooms
Places filled with the warmest of the feelings
They made the castle to stand even taller than its highest ceilings...

The End!



This place is full of memories...
Everything has a meaning, a voice, a perfume, a story
The piano keys know the songs that have touched me
The walls the images that spoke to me in a thousand languages
The floor my hesitations and restless moments
The chair that supported my body for so many years
The ceiling that watched over me
In the most illuminating occasions
And in the darkest ones too...
The windows witnessed my days of melancholy
My dreams being projected to the space outside
My tears, my fears, my joys, my many emotions
This room could speak volumes about me
It has been my companion for so long
My confidant...
That is why I think that houses have the owner's  life inventory
In each and every corner
The houses understand people the way they really are
As inside these places people do not use masks
They can breath their essence
Untouched by intrusive/curious eyes of others
It is interesting...
Each house has a personality
A blend of each one that lives under its roof
A house is a sanctuary of thoughts, feelings, things, time
Houses could write endless books
From the most mundane to the most extraordinary stories ever
Some beautiful
Some scary
All the translation of lives in motion
People parading their selves
In the most absolute transparency...


Every night
Mother used to tell stories until we fall asleep
She was a gifted storyteller
So that instead of sleeping
We kept awoken throughout the hours
Contemplating her beautiful face
At the same time our imagination
Took us for sailing
In the ship of those marvelous stories
Mother's face
Could display all kinds of emotions
From extreme fear to extreme jubilation
It was amazing!
Her voice
Was like the sound of a music box
Made of a melodic tone
Mother loved books
She always could reach their deepest meanings
And translate all the nuances of the emotions depicted on them
Every night
Was a trip to a different place
A new world of possibilities
Mother made us incurable curious
Her love for books was contagious
The time spent with her
Had always been not only an intense learning experience
But also a priceless share of love and friendship
That left a fingerprint inside our hearts and souls forever
As the stories she told us
Her memory will always be very vivid in our minds
And nurtured with affection, admiration and profound gratitude
What she gave us from her own self
Was her greatest legacy in our lives
Thank you, mother!


Come out of your dimention
Where everything is known
Dare to leave your comfort zone
Out there the laws of physics are different
You will have to relearn to live
To think
To make choices
In this other world
Night and day are conjoined twins
Storms and Rainbows
Heat and cold
Are inseparable too
The stars cover the surface of the sea as a blanket
It is an ocean of pure radiance
Animals and humans are hybrid beings
They all speak the same language
There are no countries, no boundaries
All lands are dilluted in one
Nothing can be destroyed
Everything can grow
It just demands that you close your eyes and wish
Thoughts and emotions are not foreign to anybody
All have the transparency of a glass
Even Mother Nature speaks out its feelings
In this other dimention
There is no space for greedy minds
There is no space for deceitful people
Violence is alien
The ones which break the law disappear with a blow of a wind
People live for what they believe
As much as it is something that will benefit all without exception
There is no definition of time
There is no yesterday, today, or tomorrow
All are born from the same nest
Under the exact same conditions
Life is simple and fair
Thoughts can be materialized  right away
Emotions grow in trees
Choices are cultivated in gardens
People looks
Depend on what kinds of things they believe
It seems so crazy
But it works pretty well
There are no prisons or hospitals
The challenges have only to do with construction
Of new thoughts, new emotions, new things
It is a constant production of progress
And fortification of edifying values


In the backyards of mind
Stands an old ship
It sails beyond this ordinary dimention
The force of the waves of torrents of thoughts
Moves the ship through uncharted waters...
But in spite of the unknown territory
The entity that comands the ship is fearless
There is something familiar in this vastitude
That challenges the common perception
It is the illuminated face of intuition...
Intuition has its own way of revelation
It unlashes the deepest feelings
The most remote memories
For it, time is ageless...
All the senses manifest their voices
Everything has a meaning, a story
Emotions, thoughts, believes
Experiences locked inside the rooms of the soul...
Intuition is a tantalizing feeling
Impossible to describe in words
It is a gate that crosses the frontiers
Of the rational mind
It is an utter world of secrecy


The evening was gorgeous
The day was warm
No sight of storm
The trees were as happy as ever
The grass wanted to show its shinning green forever
The birds singing
The melodies of bells ringing
Everything looked so perfect
Beauty was everywhere to reflect
I loved to see the shadows dancing
With each blow of wind
As if the tree branches were playing in a swing
The horses were happy running free across the fields
The hens guardian angels around their chicks
The kids delighted with the dogs
In the swamp playful leaping flogs
The nights had the soil fresh smell
The sky crowded with stars
With the radiance of an enormous chandelier
Heaven could be felt so near
The owl's eyes full of suspicion
Drove me as a compelling force
The nocturnal atmosphere
Had been always so seductive to me
I felt arrested by it every time
I did no mind if the arms of night
Wanted to take over everything that used to be mine
The vividness of nightfall
Was so revealing to the senses
With it I shared my deepest voices
My thoughts and feelings suddenly run free
Just like the wild horses...


The leaves of the tree of time
Travelled with the wind
And spread stories of lives
Intertwined in love...
The portrait reveals
The nuances of the encounter of similar souls
The image speaks many languages
The beauty of it fills all the spaces
The young couple in their wedding
Chose to embrace life together
Each one with his/her own strengths and challenges
This compilation of experiences
Will make florish new ones
Which will give a new shape to their relationship...
Today everything is the poetry of simplicity
All the atmosphere has the touch of a magic spell
But when the carriage of time starts moving
Storms and sunshines will be part of the days
They will defy the convictions
The bond of affection will have to be kept safe
Behind shields and swords and walls to survive
At the battlefield of certain events...
But now lets just contemplate the portrait
Savor this moment of intense jubilation
Freeze the expressions of delight
It is such a rare instant
Lets not disturb these calm waters...
Whatever comes latter
Is another time
Another chapter
Another canvas
Will demand other kind of plasticity...


It was a foggy morning
The shadows of night were tired
Light was eager to embrace a new beginning
There was no sight of human's voices
But Nature was all talking
The stream of the river impatient to keep moving
The flowers, bees, and butterflies flirting
The trees watching everywhere as disguised spies
They were gossiping about the twists and turns of last night
Time was aging things
And giving to others the first blow of life in its finest
Colors, sounds, movements, elements
All forging new forms of expression
The portrait of a new day
Was being painted
Along the passing hours...


Move waves, move waves
In an eternal back and forth
As slaves...
Take away the mold
Come back as shinning as gold...
You make the ocean so fresh
You calm down the pains of my flesh...
Your color so beautiful blinds me
I close my eyes and just let it be...
The melody you play
Makes me think about so many things I would like to say...
I feel you revolving my soul
Even if I stay silent
You can read me as a whole...
In this vastitude
You orchestrate states of melancholy
You stole my forces
I am not afraid of being under your protection
From you I have always found affection...



Greta Garbo
Was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1905
She had a very humble childhood
And decided to live on her own when became a young lady 
When she started attending the Royal Dramatic Theater
Was discovered by a Swedish director
Who saw in her something special and promissing

She started her career as an actress in Europe
Then was brought to United States when she was 19
Under the protection and guidance of that same director

She felt unfit in Hollywood
The culture shock was pretty dramatic to her
She did not speak the local language
The culture was so different
People's values too

She started in silent movies
Under the contract of the biggest studio at that time
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Her physical appearance was changed
 Then directors, other actors, and audience
Started noticing her a great deal

In 1925 she was the most powerful movie star in Hollywood
All the doors were open to her
She was the center of the spotlight
Everybody was so interested in her acting and personality

In the silent movie "Flesh and the Devil"
She had as a leading man the actor John Gilbert
He was known as "the great lover"
His status overshadowed Rudolph Valentino's
The movie was a big success
Garbo and Gilbert fell in love with each other right away
The romantic scenes were so real, so convincing

When the sound era arrived in Hollywood
Many studio owners were worried about their silent stars
There was a big apprehention on how Garbo's voice would be accepted by the public
In the movie "Anna Christie" that was filmed in two versions
One in German and one in English
Garbo had her moment to speak
Her very particular tone of voice and strong foreign accent were a blast
People got mesmerized by its charm

The fascination toward Garbo only increased along the years
But while many people would love in having such adoration from the public
Garbo felt completely overwhelmed
What made her to withdraw more and more
In Sweden the way people saw and behaved with the celebrities were different
They celebrated them without seeing or treating them as they were beyond "mortals"
In Hollywood celebrities were taken as gods and goddesses
Garbo did not want to be part of that model
Nourish that kind of image

The most important thing for her was privacy
She did not go to the studios premieres or parties
She did not give interviews
Once she said she was tired of being Garbo
She felt suffocated by the public and media
She wanted peace and freedom to be her own self
And go wherever she wanted without being surrounded by a crowd of people

However, more she wanted to hide herself
More the curiosity and obsession toward her private life got tighten
Garbo was so depressed and anguished that gave an end to her career very early
She missed her roots in Sweden
In her movies she always had that glimpse of sadness and melancholy...
She found it hard for people to understand her needs
She became famous when she said: "I want to be alone"
Latter in life she said that she did not mean to be alone, but be left alone

In spite of having retired very soon in her career
Garbo's legacy is remarkable
Her image on screen is ageless
It is fascinating to watch her
She had a very different way to perform
It was not something rehearsed, but pure instinct
Some people used to call it "ambush acting"
In the romantic scenes she asked to all leave
She embodied her characters not only with professionalism
She was giving regarding emotions when she acted
She was so absolute unique, absolute singular!

My own impression of her
Is that she had a kind of hermaphroditic soul
Her gender could not be defined as one
It was diluted in a spectrum of beings

One side of her personality was joyful and engaging
Another was introspective, restrained
She was an ocean of emotions and meanings
Garbo was a woman beyond her time

Still in 2013
The mystery around her persists
She was born to be eternal
I think!



 This movie is so beautiful...
I could watch it countless times
And get twisted in its magnetism in every one of them!
It is an extremely dramatic love story
Between a young man who falls in love with a woman
Stigmatized by the judgment of society
About the way she lives
Also very ill due to an incurable disease
Their love transcends everyone and everything around them
There is so much truth and purity and poetry in it
It is absolutely mesmerizing, empowering!
The depth of the feelings they share
Makes the audience their confidants, companion, and ally
Its is easy to conclude that sooner or latter
The love story will end
In a very sad fashion
But at least it was lived in full
It was worthy to exist
After all, it was a life changing experience to both
Just as happiness
Love is also made of moments
It is far from our human power to control their permanence
Not within, but in the motion of real life
But we can live the experience
When it comes in our way
 And we should do it the best we can
With absolute sincerity, kindness, devotion
Above all, I think, gratitude
Happiness and love are blessings
We should never ever take them for granted!
Love and happiness
Are seasonal birds perhaps
They come
We nourish them
They nourish us
And even if they may fly one day
Their memory will forever
Helps us to keep contemplating their beauty
Their fly, their legacy...


Yesterday in the Boston blasts
Between all that tragedy and chaos
It was beautiful too see
The willingness of some to help others
Seconds immediately after the explosions
Unknown hands
Have made the bombs
That killed some and injured so many
Also unknown hands were there
To try to avoid more losses
Hands are powerful things
They can hit and destroy
But also can heal and rebuild
Hands can cause a revolution
They can inflict pain
But also spread peace
To each hand that causes suffering
We must mobilize others to restore hope
Reassure love
Promote understanding
Bring a light in the end of the tunnel
When there is nothing more valuable
Than being human
By showing the nurturing face of our hands!


Today,  I would like to share a video produced by my husband and I yesterday. I hope you all like! You are all more than welcome to visit the page in the You Tube and feel free to make comments. You opinion is very important to us! Thank you very much in advance!