Come out of your dimention
Where everything is known
Dare to leave your comfort zone
Out there the laws of physics are different
You will have to relearn to live
To think
To make choices
In this other world
Night and day are conjoined twins
Storms and Rainbows
Heat and cold
Are inseparable too
The stars cover the surface of the sea as a blanket
It is an ocean of pure radiance
Animals and humans are hybrid beings
They all speak the same language
There are no countries, no boundaries
All lands are dilluted in one
Nothing can be destroyed
Everything can grow
It just demands that you close your eyes and wish
Thoughts and emotions are not foreign to anybody
All have the transparency of a glass
Even Mother Nature speaks out its feelings
In this other dimention
There is no space for greedy minds
There is no space for deceitful people
Violence is alien
The ones which break the law disappear with a blow of a wind
People live for what they believe
As much as it is something that will benefit all without exception
There is no definition of time
There is no yesterday, today, or tomorrow
All are born from the same nest
Under the exact same conditions
Life is simple and fair
Thoughts can be materialized  right away
Emotions grow in trees
Choices are cultivated in gardens
People looks
Depend on what kinds of things they believe
It seems so crazy
But it works pretty well
There are no prisons or hospitals
The challenges have only to do with construction
Of new thoughts, new emotions, new things
It is a constant production of progress
And fortification of edifying values

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