This movie is so beautiful...
I could watch it countless times
And get twisted in its magnetism in every one of them!
It is an extremely dramatic love story
Between a young man who falls in love with a woman
Stigmatized by the judgment of society
About the way she lives
Also very ill due to an incurable disease
Their love transcends everyone and everything around them
There is so much truth and purity and poetry in it
It is absolutely mesmerizing, empowering!
The depth of the feelings they share
Makes the audience their confidants, companion, and ally
Its is easy to conclude that sooner or latter
The love story will end
In a very sad fashion
But at least it was lived in full
It was worthy to exist
After all, it was a life changing experience to both
Just as happiness
Love is also made of moments
It is far from our human power to control their permanence
Not within, but in the motion of real life
But we can live the experience
When it comes in our way
 And we should do it the best we can
With absolute sincerity, kindness, devotion
Above all, I think, gratitude
Happiness and love are blessings
We should never ever take them for granted!
Love and happiness
Are seasonal birds perhaps
They come
We nourish them
They nourish us
And even if they may fly one day
Their memory will forever
Helps us to keep contemplating their beauty
Their fly, their legacy...

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