The evening was gorgeous
The day was warm
No sight of storm
The trees were as happy as ever
The grass wanted to show its shinning green forever
The birds singing
The melodies of bells ringing
Everything looked so perfect
Beauty was everywhere to reflect
I loved to see the shadows dancing
With each blow of wind
As if the tree branches were playing in a swing
The horses were happy running free across the fields
The hens guardian angels around their chicks
The kids delighted with the dogs
In the swamp playful leaping flogs
The nights had the soil fresh smell
The sky crowded with stars
With the radiance of an enormous chandelier
Heaven could be felt so near
The owl's eyes full of suspicion
Drove me as a compelling force
The nocturnal atmosphere
Had been always so seductive to me
I felt arrested by it every time
I did no mind if the arms of night
Wanted to take over everything that used to be mine
The vividness of nightfall
Was so revealing to the senses
With it I shared my deepest voices
My thoughts and feelings suddenly run free
Just like the wild horses...

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