Once upon a time
There was an old castle
That lived a very desolate life...

Its walls were in ruins
The numerous windows falling apart
The inner parts were dusty
The outer parts rusty...

It felt absolutely lonely
As its golden age had been lost in the past
It missed the times when everything was a blast...

The castle was proud
When the kings and queens used to spent their lives there
The knights crossed its gates with their magnificent horses
The pieces of furniture were all French style
The ceilings had the dark blue of the Nile...

The atmosphere was all celebration
Barons, Princes, Countesses, Lords, Dukes
The royalty was a blend of personalities
Displaying all kinds of mentalities
Descendants of a long catalog of nationalities...

The castle now was empty
It was stripped of its glorious status
A castle without people
Is like a garden without flowers
It gets more and more depressed with the passing hours...

But one day
An old witch arrived in the castle
And made of it her home
And the castle never again felt alone...

It is true that the witch's mood was a little strange
Her laughs were so sinister that seemed
To have emerged from the graves
Her friends had no manners
They looked the wild people which used to live in caves
But the castle did not mind
In them it saw the best of friends
Friends that in the royalty he could never find...

The witch decorated all the corners of the castle
With a blanket of spider webs
Rats took the dark cellar over
Vampire bats loved to fly around the highest towers
The castle was all impressed by its new hosts
It loved to hear the sounds of the chains tied to the ghosts...

Now the castle felt young again
Now it did not matter that the walls were in ruins
The windows falling apart
Everything dusty inside
Everything rusty outside
Because what really mattered after all
Was to have love and joy in its core
It never again felt bored
The witch and her bizarre guests
Made of the castle's countless rooms
Places filled with the warmest of the feelings
They made the castle to stand even taller than its highest ceilings...

The End!


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