Greta Garbo
Was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1905
She had a very humble childhood
And decided to live on her own when became a young lady 
When she started attending the Royal Dramatic Theater
Was discovered by a Swedish director
Who saw in her something special and promissing

She started her career as an actress in Europe
Then was brought to United States when she was 19
Under the protection and guidance of that same director

She felt unfit in Hollywood
The culture shock was pretty dramatic to her
She did not speak the local language
The culture was so different
People's values too

She started in silent movies
Under the contract of the biggest studio at that time
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Her physical appearance was changed
 Then directors, other actors, and audience
Started noticing her a great deal

In 1925 she was the most powerful movie star in Hollywood
All the doors were open to her
She was the center of the spotlight
Everybody was so interested in her acting and personality

In the silent movie "Flesh and the Devil"
She had as a leading man the actor John Gilbert
He was known as "the great lover"
His status overshadowed Rudolph Valentino's
The movie was a big success
Garbo and Gilbert fell in love with each other right away
The romantic scenes were so real, so convincing

When the sound era arrived in Hollywood
Many studio owners were worried about their silent stars
There was a big apprehention on how Garbo's voice would be accepted by the public
In the movie "Anna Christie" that was filmed in two versions
One in German and one in English
Garbo had her moment to speak
Her very particular tone of voice and strong foreign accent were a blast
People got mesmerized by its charm

The fascination toward Garbo only increased along the years
But while many people would love in having such adoration from the public
Garbo felt completely overwhelmed
What made her to withdraw more and more
In Sweden the way people saw and behaved with the celebrities were different
They celebrated them without seeing or treating them as they were beyond "mortals"
In Hollywood celebrities were taken as gods and goddesses
Garbo did not want to be part of that model
Nourish that kind of image

The most important thing for her was privacy
She did not go to the studios premieres or parties
She did not give interviews
Once she said she was tired of being Garbo
She felt suffocated by the public and media
She wanted peace and freedom to be her own self
And go wherever she wanted without being surrounded by a crowd of people

However, more she wanted to hide herself
More the curiosity and obsession toward her private life got tighten
Garbo was so depressed and anguished that gave an end to her career very early
She missed her roots in Sweden
In her movies she always had that glimpse of sadness and melancholy...
She found it hard for people to understand her needs
She became famous when she said: "I want to be alone"
Latter in life she said that she did not mean to be alone, but be left alone

In spite of having retired very soon in her career
Garbo's legacy is remarkable
Her image on screen is ageless
It is fascinating to watch her
She had a very different way to perform
It was not something rehearsed, but pure instinct
Some people used to call it "ambush acting"
In the romantic scenes she asked to all leave
She embodied her characters not only with professionalism
She was giving regarding emotions when she acted
She was so absolute unique, absolute singular!

My own impression of her
Is that she had a kind of hermaphroditic soul
Her gender could not be defined as one
It was diluted in a spectrum of beings

One side of her personality was joyful and engaging
Another was introspective, restrained
She was an ocean of emotions and meanings
Garbo was a woman beyond her time

Still in 2013
The mystery around her persists
She was born to be eternal
I think!


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