In the backyards of mind
Stands an old ship
It sails beyond this ordinary dimention
The force of the waves of torrents of thoughts
Moves the ship through uncharted waters...
But in spite of the unknown territory
The entity that comands the ship is fearless
There is something familiar in this vastitude
That challenges the common perception
It is the illuminated face of intuition...
Intuition has its own way of revelation
It unlashes the deepest feelings
The most remote memories
For it, time is ageless...
All the senses manifest their voices
Everything has a meaning, a story
Emotions, thoughts, believes
Experiences locked inside the rooms of the soul...
Intuition is a tantalizing feeling
Impossible to describe in words
It is a gate that crosses the frontiers
Of the rational mind
It is an utter world of secrecy

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