Every night
Mother used to tell stories until we fall asleep
She was a gifted storyteller
So that instead of sleeping
We kept awoken throughout the hours
Contemplating her beautiful face
At the same time our imagination
Took us for sailing
In the ship of those marvelous stories
Mother's face
Could display all kinds of emotions
From extreme fear to extreme jubilation
It was amazing!
Her voice
Was like the sound of a music box
Made of a melodic tone
Mother loved books
She always could reach their deepest meanings
And translate all the nuances of the emotions depicted on them
Every night
Was a trip to a different place
A new world of possibilities
Mother made us incurable curious
Her love for books was contagious
The time spent with her
Had always been not only an intense learning experience
But also a priceless share of love and friendship
That left a fingerprint inside our hearts and souls forever
As the stories she told us
Her memory will always be very vivid in our minds
And nurtured with affection, admiration and profound gratitude
What she gave us from her own self
Was her greatest legacy in our lives
Thank you, mother!

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