The leaves of the tree of time
Travelled with the wind
And spread stories of lives
Intertwined in love...
The portrait reveals
The nuances of the encounter of similar souls
The image speaks many languages
The beauty of it fills all the spaces
The young couple in their wedding
Chose to embrace life together
Each one with his/her own strengths and challenges
This compilation of experiences
Will make florish new ones
Which will give a new shape to their relationship...
Today everything is the poetry of simplicity
All the atmosphere has the touch of a magic spell
But when the carriage of time starts moving
Storms and sunshines will be part of the days
They will defy the convictions
The bond of affection will have to be kept safe
Behind shields and swords and walls to survive
At the battlefield of certain events...
But now lets just contemplate the portrait
Savor this moment of intense jubilation
Freeze the expressions of delight
It is such a rare instant
Lets not disturb these calm waters...
Whatever comes latter
Is another time
Another chapter
Another canvas
Will demand other kind of plasticity...

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