Sea shells
Make sounds which echo like bells
Travel with waves
In the deep sand make graves
House solitary creatures
So small as miniatures
Their carved surfaces
Display exquisite patterns
A work of art
An amazing color chart
Shells keep secrecy with the sea
They are one another companion
In the vastness of a grand canyon
Sea shells
Night and day
Flirting with the bay
Don't go too far away...


I sat in front of the window
To see the movements of a life outside my own...
People walking in the streets
Some with a determination of a soldier marching
Others without paying attention to anything
Lost in their intrusive thoughts...
So many faces together
Expressing a catalog of emotions
With blind eyes to each other
As there was only one they cared about translating
Their own...
The birds flying back and forth
Looking for leftovers of food
Left behind as a trace of one's hurry...
Cars speeding
Busses honking their horns
Ambulances flashing their lights
Carrying a life in danger...
The restaurant menus
Being changed day and night
In an endless display of the chef's skills
People coming inside with the grouchy faces of hunger
And leaving with an undeniable smile of a satiated pleasure...
The sky advertising a parade of colors
The pollution shadowing the radiance of the sunlight
Suffocating smells, noises, crowd
It is hard not take it as a
Neurotic robotic routine...
When the night falls
The rhythm of the city is completely different
It rests and becomes a poetic landscape
Of shadow and illumination
Intriguing thing...
Every day
The core of every passing soul combined
Orchestrate the dynamic of a world
Full of diversities, discoveries,
Singularities, oddities
It is so interesting to see how man has engineered his way of life...


It was all there...
My books
My cozy bed
My window
My pictures
My dreams
My memories
My story
My thoughts...
All around as a sanctuary of my own self
Diluted in all those things
That had, each one. very particular meanings to me...
It is good and important to have a place to stay alone
To let one's soul fly
As a free bird
Have it as a fingerprint of us
The right to preserve one's own identity is a human's need
Of course, we can mingle our identity with others
The ones we live with
But there are times when it is so imperative
To be able to breath our own air
To be back to our own roots
After all we are all individuals, first place.


Nature is too strong to be tamed
It has its own will
Its own moods
It does not accept reins or leashes
It is the lord of its own fate...
Nature is powerful
An angry breeze can turn into a hurricane
A molested ocean a tsunami
An restless gap in its crust an earthquake
A nervous sky a storm with deadly lightning
A sudden rage a volcano eruption...
Nature is also delicate
Disguised as a butterfly's wing
Vulnerable as a spider web in a blow of wind
Tiny as an ant
A baby turtle trying to reach the sea...
But think about a flower
That erupts through the smallest crack on the ground
It wants to have a place in the sun
It has a resilient instinct of survival...
Nature is an amazing masterpiece
Of extraordinary diversity and perfection
Every single day it teaches us about beauty
Determination and humbleness...


Human body
Shelter of our consciousness and soul throughout life
Is a house of constant metamorphosis...
It is born small and vulnerable
It has only eyes for its needs at the beginning
Demands food and care
Its survival depends on other people's devotion...
As it grows
It creates rooms to accommodate its changes
The chemistry of it is a fascination of endless
Twists and turns...
Atoms, molecules, tissues, organs, systems
All communicate with each other
Like a conductor managing an orchestra of a thousand musicians
It is a flow of perfect harmony...
The body talks with a silent voice
It is like an intuitive thing
Each part knows what to do
A combination of many skills
With the sole purpose of keeping the life going on and on
As long as possible...
A body that feels
In a dance of constant adjustments
A battlefield of intricacies...
The surface is the portrait of the movement of time
It reveals the evolution
The inner revolution
Flourishing to the world outside
Time makes of the body its own sculpture
And works on it in its own pace and will...
The human body along life
Writes an encyclopedia of experiences
It is a powerhouse of resilience
It is a build up of extraordinary stories
Made of victories, challenges, losses, healing...
In its final chapter
The body rests
The life within evaporates to another dimension
Like a snail that is forced to abort its shell
Consciousness must leave
The sculpture of time is finished...


My mother!
She was shelter
She was rock
She was wings
She was a path
She was courage
She was companionship
She was understanding
She was wisdom
She was light
She was rainbow
She was unconditional love
She was an open door
She was friendship
She was honesty
She was acceptance
She was giving
She was protection
She was inspiration
She was devotion
She was heart
She was faith
She was construction
She was accomplishment
She was a helping hand
She was luck
She was happiness
She was education
She was perfume
She was a woman of many beautiful faces
She was the most admirable woman
I have met
and loved!
... her proud and lucky daughter, Simone.-


Three days ago
Three young women
Were rescued by police from a home
Where they were kept in captivity for almost 10 years...
They were kidnapped, raped, tortured physically and psychologically
Deprived of medical assistance, school, affection, family, above all, freedom
No rights at all!
One of them gave birth to a girl who grew up in that environment
She was born a slave
As her mother was one too... 
Their story
Made me remember another one
A woman in Austria who was kept in a bunker for 25 years
Gave birth to 7 children who, for all that time,
Could not see sunlight
Feel the wind blowing on their skin
Hear the rain falling
Their world was confined to solid walls
Mold, fear, pain, complete isolation, alienation
In all these cases of captivity, slavery, deep abuse
It is hard for us who have freedom
To conceive a life like that 
Constant fear
A very real impression or even certainty
That there is no world outside
As the world outside does not hear those ones
Who have been denied the basic right
Of living a normal existence
Slavery of any sort is not is not living
Is a dying process of lack of hope and happiness...
How diabolic of a mind
To engineer this kind of plan
By exploiting others beyond unimaginable limits
Usually young women and kids
The most vulnerable
These crimes must be prosecuted with severity
In order to discourage these criminal minds to snap again and again
That is why I always think about the importance of raising a child
In the most healthy way possible
Psychologically speaking especially
Some of the cruelest criminals
Came from disrupted families
Were abused
No love, no protection, no guidance
Or too much repression
Or complete abandonment
Of course
It is true that many people who were born in unfavorable conditions
Have not become mentally sick latter in life
At the point of causing extreme suffering to others
This is by the way
Still a mystery for Psychiatry
Why some will become perpetrators of the worst kind
And others, that have lived similar misfortunes do not!
But whatever situation
The roots are always somewhere in the childhood
Childhood is such a fundamental time
To teach about love, principles
To create a sense of belonging, acceptance
Parents and relatives must be vigilantes
Going back to the case of the three young women
Rescued from that torture chamber
It makes me think how erroneously we take our freedom for granted
Freedom is a priceless gift
Freedom to be with who we feel like being
Freedom to go out and meet others
Freedom to go to school, a park
Freedom to have a friend
Freedom to eat and drink
Freedom to get protection
Freedom to be with a family
Freedom to go to the doctor when is needed
Freedom to speak
Freedom to express emotions
Freedom to be happy
Freedom to belong to something good
Freedom to be loved
Freedom to walk
Freedom to see the sunlight
Freedom to raise kids safely
Freedom to be owner of our own bodies
Freedom of will
I am so happy for the ones who have been rescued
The ones who survived such horrible ordeals
The ones who could go back to their loving families
And regain a normal life
It is an amazing feeling for them!
But probably and unfortunately
There are many others who still must be found
Who are waiting every second to be rescued
They count on us to not give them up
Never EVER!!


Three generations of women
Stand strong
Like solid rocks
Which have never been shaken by any force...
But these women, in fact
Had to endure lots of challenges
That is why they became powerful...
The grandmother had to break chains to be herself
In a time when women were supposed to be subservient
Silent, always behind the shadow of a man
To never speak their minds...
The mother was born with the fingerprint of her mother
She inherited the sense of independence, endurance, resilience
Had as a challenge to open space in the work force
Always having to prove herself
In a society that believed that only the opposite sex
Had enough competence, intelligence, and tenacity
To survive in the corporative world...
After two generations claiming for rights
The daughter's generation still had to fight her battles
 To convince that she had a brain behind her beauty
That she was the sole owner of her body
Her thoughts, dreams, destiny...
We still live in a very male dominated environment
In some countries in a more discreet way
In others women have no right even to exist
It is denied the right for education
A face
An identity to the world outside
Women must stand for one another always
Mothers must raise their daughters
Aware of their rights
With encouragement
With principles
Unconditional love
Faith in themselves
With a clear vision of their own worth...
Being a woman is never less
Than a sum of amazing abilities
To care
To build
To survive
To bring close
To give
To forgive
To stand after a fall
To face obstacles with the chin up
To make belong
To make feel wanted
To reborn from the ashes if needed
To transform
To reform
To make born!
My mother was a very strong woman
I was brought to this world
With the seeds of her wisdom and love
She made me stand for my rights
She nourished my soul
She filled my heart with affection
She inspired my mind
I am so proud of becoming a fruit
From her tree
A tree that will forever have roots inside me!


There was a house in the middle of a huge desert
That tried to have a life of its own
But one day the desert claimed its territory
No doors would stop its willingness to regain stolen space...
No room was left behind
The orange sand felt at home
It made waves like a serpent in motion
The house was overwhelmed by its visitor...
The wind brought its true heir
The deserve will never let
Anybody possesses it
It was born to be free
To have no master
But itself...
The house surrendered
To the massive amount of sand
It filled each and every corner
The house walls became just hands holding
The golden dust
That danced as a ballerina
In an endless twisted motion...
It was so beautiful
So powerful
A wonder of nature...


Mirror on the wall
Testifies the passage of time on people's faces
Reads through the reflection of their eyes
States of mind
Frequency of moods
Knows what exist behind the surface
Translates the real self of the ones which contemplate you
Before you everybody has the transparency of a butterfly's wing
During the night you have such a sinister aspect
You seem to hide horrible visions
Of supernatural forces
You have mastered human's nature
All the secrets have been revealed to you
You know no lies
Your existence is based on facts
All the masks fall in your presence
The story of people which have faced you
Has been of undeniable veracity
Maybe they do not know
But you do!
Some may fear your raw obedience to the truth!


There was a little store in a little street of a little city
That looked as ordinary as any other
But behind that facade
A world of incredible things was hidden
That was a school of culinary art
A very unique place!
It was an extremely diverse universe of
Tastes, colors, smells, textures
Each fruit and vegetable and grain had a special spell
Each one offered an amazing catalog of sensations
The surroundings were a labyrinth
Of all kinds of aromatic herbs
Which bewitched the senses
Until complete surrender
The food preparation process
Was a ritual of many steps
It demanded absolute reverence
It was not only a work of art
But a work of love
The food affected people's moods
State of mind
The core of their souls
All fell into a sort of hypnotic state
Suddenly there was nothing more appealing than that journey
Through the most staggering sensory experiences
All that kinesthetic feast made people more aware of their own selves
And the amazing chemistry between human and nature
An awakening to other dimensions
A fever for a dormant sensitivity  


I went for a walk in the fields
It was so vast and strikingly beautiful
An ocean of layers and layers of vivid green
I saw the little wild flowers decorating the sideways
So delicate and happy they were
Feeling so comfortable in between the high grass
The mountains standing proudly, protective
Parading absolute sovereignty
Their tops seemed to be so close to the skies
Almost whispering to the clouds around
It was a place of freedom and peace
Colorful birds twittering everywhere
As they had so much to report about the stunning day
I felt having arrived in heaven
There was something divine in that foggy atmosphere
Something that got connected to my soul right away
It made me light and diluted in that stunning universe
Of colors, music, poetry, intense breath of life
I have never felt so alive
So aware of my surroundings
And the grace of experiencing all those magnificent treasures
It made me so lucky and blessed
It was a feast to my senses
A compliment to my feelings
A paradise to my mind...