It was all there...
My books
My cozy bed
My window
My pictures
My dreams
My memories
My story
My thoughts...
All around as a sanctuary of my own self
Diluted in all those things
That had, each one. very particular meanings to me...
It is good and important to have a place to stay alone
To let one's soul fly
As a free bird
Have it as a fingerprint of us
The right to preserve one's own identity is a human's need
Of course, we can mingle our identity with others
The ones we live with
But there are times when it is so imperative
To be able to breath our own air
To be back to our own roots
After all we are all individuals, first place.


Gina said...

That first picture reminded me of my room in my first apartment that I rented with my friends when I first left my parents home. It was my sanctuary and it may have seemed like clutter to others but everything in my room was a personal memento of who I was.

Simone Bittencourt said...

How nice! Yes, the bedroom especially is a place that is a portrait of the personality of the person who lives in it. I am sure yours was very meaningful to you. Thank you for sharing! It was pretty nice to have a sense of your place.