There was a little store in a little street of a little city
That looked as ordinary as any other
But behind that facade
A world of incredible things was hidden
That was a school of culinary art
A very unique place!
It was an extremely diverse universe of
Tastes, colors, smells, textures
Each fruit and vegetable and grain had a special spell
Each one offered an amazing catalog of sensations
The surroundings were a labyrinth
Of all kinds of aromatic herbs
Which bewitched the senses
Until complete surrender
The food preparation process
Was a ritual of many steps
It demanded absolute reverence
It was not only a work of art
But a work of love
The food affected people's moods
State of mind
The core of their souls
All fell into a sort of hypnotic state
Suddenly there was nothing more appealing than that journey
Through the most staggering sensory experiences
All that kinesthetic feast made people more aware of their own selves
And the amazing chemistry between human and nature
An awakening to other dimensions
A fever for a dormant sensitivity  

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