I went for a walk in the fields
It was so vast and strikingly beautiful
An ocean of layers and layers of vivid green
I saw the little wild flowers decorating the sideways
So delicate and happy they were
Feeling so comfortable in between the high grass
The mountains standing proudly, protective
Parading absolute sovereignty
Their tops seemed to be so close to the skies
Almost whispering to the clouds around
It was a place of freedom and peace
Colorful birds twittering everywhere
As they had so much to report about the stunning day
I felt having arrived in heaven
There was something divine in that foggy atmosphere
Something that got connected to my soul right away
It made me light and diluted in that stunning universe
Of colors, music, poetry, intense breath of life
I have never felt so alive
So aware of my surroundings
And the grace of experiencing all those magnificent treasures
It made me so lucky and blessed
It was a feast to my senses
A compliment to my feelings
A paradise to my mind...

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