Three days ago
Three young women
Were rescued by police from a home
Where they were kept in captivity for almost 10 years...
They were kidnapped, raped, tortured physically and psychologically
Deprived of medical assistance, school, affection, family, above all, freedom
No rights at all!
One of them gave birth to a girl who grew up in that environment
She was born a slave
As her mother was one too... 
Their story
Made me remember another one
A woman in Austria who was kept in a bunker for 25 years
Gave birth to 7 children who, for all that time,
Could not see sunlight
Feel the wind blowing on their skin
Hear the rain falling
Their world was confined to solid walls
Mold, fear, pain, complete isolation, alienation
In all these cases of captivity, slavery, deep abuse
It is hard for us who have freedom
To conceive a life like that 
Constant fear
A very real impression or even certainty
That there is no world outside
As the world outside does not hear those ones
Who have been denied the basic right
Of living a normal existence
Slavery of any sort is not is not living
Is a dying process of lack of hope and happiness...
How diabolic of a mind
To engineer this kind of plan
By exploiting others beyond unimaginable limits
Usually young women and kids
The most vulnerable
These crimes must be prosecuted with severity
In order to discourage these criminal minds to snap again and again
That is why I always think about the importance of raising a child
In the most healthy way possible
Psychologically speaking especially
Some of the cruelest criminals
Came from disrupted families
Were abused
No love, no protection, no guidance
Or too much repression
Or complete abandonment
Of course
It is true that many people who were born in unfavorable conditions
Have not become mentally sick latter in life
At the point of causing extreme suffering to others
This is by the way
Still a mystery for Psychiatry
Why some will become perpetrators of the worst kind
And others, that have lived similar misfortunes do not!
But whatever situation
The roots are always somewhere in the childhood
Childhood is such a fundamental time
To teach about love, principles
To create a sense of belonging, acceptance
Parents and relatives must be vigilantes
Going back to the case of the three young women
Rescued from that torture chamber
It makes me think how erroneously we take our freedom for granted
Freedom is a priceless gift
Freedom to be with who we feel like being
Freedom to go out and meet others
Freedom to go to school, a park
Freedom to have a friend
Freedom to eat and drink
Freedom to get protection
Freedom to be with a family
Freedom to go to the doctor when is needed
Freedom to speak
Freedom to express emotions
Freedom to be happy
Freedom to belong to something good
Freedom to be loved
Freedom to walk
Freedom to see the sunlight
Freedom to raise kids safely
Freedom to be owner of our own bodies
Freedom of will
I am so happy for the ones who have been rescued
The ones who survived such horrible ordeals
The ones who could go back to their loving families
And regain a normal life
It is an amazing feeling for them!
But probably and unfortunately
There are many others who still must be found
Who are waiting every second to be rescued
They count on us to not give them up
Never EVER!!

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