Human body
Shelter of our consciousness and soul throughout life
Is a house of constant metamorphosis...
It is born small and vulnerable
It has only eyes for its needs at the beginning
Demands food and care
Its survival depends on other people's devotion...
As it grows
It creates rooms to accommodate its changes
The chemistry of it is a fascination of endless
Twists and turns...
Atoms, molecules, tissues, organs, systems
All communicate with each other
Like a conductor managing an orchestra of a thousand musicians
It is a flow of perfect harmony...
The body talks with a silent voice
It is like an intuitive thing
Each part knows what to do
A combination of many skills
With the sole purpose of keeping the life going on and on
As long as possible...
A body that feels
In a dance of constant adjustments
A battlefield of intricacies...
The surface is the portrait of the movement of time
It reveals the evolution
The inner revolution
Flourishing to the world outside
Time makes of the body its own sculpture
And works on it in its own pace and will...
The human body along life
Writes an encyclopedia of experiences
It is a powerhouse of resilience
It is a build up of extraordinary stories
Made of victories, challenges, losses, healing...
In its final chapter
The body rests
The life within evaporates to another dimension
Like a snail that is forced to abort its shell
Consciousness must leave
The sculpture of time is finished...

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