Nature is too strong to be tamed
It has its own will
Its own moods
It does not accept reins or leashes
It is the lord of its own fate...
Nature is powerful
An angry breeze can turn into a hurricane
A molested ocean a tsunami
An restless gap in its crust an earthquake
A nervous sky a storm with deadly lightning
A sudden rage a volcano eruption...
Nature is also delicate
Disguised as a butterfly's wing
Vulnerable as a spider web in a blow of wind
Tiny as an ant
A baby turtle trying to reach the sea...
But think about a flower
That erupts through the smallest crack on the ground
It wants to have a place in the sun
It has a resilient instinct of survival...
Nature is an amazing masterpiece
Of extraordinary diversity and perfection
Every single day it teaches us about beauty
Determination and humbleness...

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