I sat in front of the window
To see the movements of a life outside my own...
People walking in the streets
Some with a determination of a soldier marching
Others without paying attention to anything
Lost in their intrusive thoughts...
So many faces together
Expressing a catalog of emotions
With blind eyes to each other
As there was only one they cared about translating
Their own...
The birds flying back and forth
Looking for leftovers of food
Left behind as a trace of one's hurry...
Cars speeding
Busses honking their horns
Ambulances flashing their lights
Carrying a life in danger...
The restaurant menus
Being changed day and night
In an endless display of the chef's skills
People coming inside with the grouchy faces of hunger
And leaving with an undeniable smile of a satiated pleasure...
The sky advertising a parade of colors
The pollution shadowing the radiance of the sunlight
Suffocating smells, noises, crowd
It is hard not take it as a
Neurotic robotic routine...
When the night falls
The rhythm of the city is completely different
It rests and becomes a poetic landscape
Of shadow and illumination
Intriguing thing...
Every day
The core of every passing soul combined
Orchestrate the dynamic of a world
Full of diversities, discoveries,
Singularities, oddities
It is so interesting to see how man has engineered his way of life...


Gina said...

You caught the moment of living in a big reminded me of my first weeks of living in Manhattan...overwhelming and an assault on my senses.

Simone Bittencourt said...

Thank you Gina for leaving your impression here! Your comments are very welcome!