Three generations of women
Stand strong
Like solid rocks
Which have never been shaken by any force...
But these women, in fact
Had to endure lots of challenges
That is why they became powerful...
The grandmother had to break chains to be herself
In a time when women were supposed to be subservient
Silent, always behind the shadow of a man
To never speak their minds...
The mother was born with the fingerprint of her mother
She inherited the sense of independence, endurance, resilience
Had as a challenge to open space in the work force
Always having to prove herself
In a society that believed that only the opposite sex
Had enough competence, intelligence, and tenacity
To survive in the corporative world...
After two generations claiming for rights
The daughter's generation still had to fight her battles
 To convince that she had a brain behind her beauty
That she was the sole owner of her body
Her thoughts, dreams, destiny...
We still live in a very male dominated environment
In some countries in a more discreet way
In others women have no right even to exist
It is denied the right for education
A face
An identity to the world outside
Women must stand for one another always
Mothers must raise their daughters
Aware of their rights
With encouragement
With principles
Unconditional love
Faith in themselves
With a clear vision of their own worth...
Being a woman is never less
Than a sum of amazing abilities
To care
To build
To survive
To bring close
To give
To forgive
To stand after a fall
To face obstacles with the chin up
To make belong
To make feel wanted
To reborn from the ashes if needed
To transform
To reform
To make born!
My mother was a very strong woman
I was brought to this world
With the seeds of her wisdom and love
She made me stand for my rights
She nourished my soul
She filled my heart with affection
She inspired my mind
I am so proud of becoming a fruit
From her tree
A tree that will forever have roots inside me!


Gina said...

I love this....I truly believe and have been quoted many times saying that the most persecuted in the history of mankind is not a specific race has been the women of all races.

This was an amazing piece. My mother also had very difficult struggles and I am amazed how strong these women from my mom's generation are and what they had to endure to make a better path for their daughters.

Bravo Simone :)

Simone Bittencourt said...

Gina, what a poignant comment you left here. It is wonderful the way you admire you mother and other generation of women! You are a brave and admirable woman yourself. You honor your mother's legacy! I loved what you wrote!