When the last door was shut
The house became silent and lost
The life of a house depends on who lives inside it
Gives energy to it
Shares an existence in it
The house was abandoned to its own fate...
With the passage of time
The weeds took advantage of the house loneliness
Their branches penetrated the cracks
Turning the house a prisoner of its greed for space
The windows got so dirty that the house could barely see its surroundings
Inside it was all about rust and dust...
The spiders claimed its ownership too
Each and every corner was blanketed by ingenious webs
Generations and generations of spiders grew up there
The house lived of its memories
From a time when it was all enthusiasm
Laughs, music, guests, celebrations, decorations
Not only a portrait was left behind
The walls were stripped of their identities forever...
On top of a mountain
The house lived
Haunted by ghosts
It succumbed one day
When a merciless storm stroke
The house fainted
Downhill in pieces it plunged...
When the spring season came
Children went to see what was left of the old house in the foot of the mountain
The pile of debris were surrounded by colorful flowers
Little animals took a shelter there
That became a beautiful spot...
One day the house was rebuilt
A new breath of life was given to it
The house was again all joy
It was again a place for stories to be written...

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