Inquisitive eyes
Demand answers
As one knew everything they wanted to know
Without being properly questioned
Transfixing expression
Hypnotizing windows of one's soul
There is no mask or shield to prevent their incursion
These eyes are powerful like a furnace in which steel is melted
They do not admit anything in between
When they want to know all the truths
One does not want to reveal
Digging deep through the skin, muscles, nerves, vessels, bones
Getting intertwined in synapses
Interfering with heartbeats
Arriving in the unconscious mind
Without even knocking its seven doors
They do not wait for invitations
Simply ignore any resistance
They command and conquer
As untamable emperors do
They do not accept shallow excuses
By demanding inventories of experiences
Impressions, doubts, conflicts, fears, hesitations, dreams
They want to know motives
Behind choices
Emotions behind walls
Uncertainties behind aspirations
They just want to see the beauty
Of one's core
The transparent truth of one's self
The process of unfolding a being
Of building a life
Of existing in this world of challenges
Transformations, learning
Losses and gains
Sadness and happiness
Pain and healing
Metaphors and plain speech
Constant transfiguration
These eyes do not rest
In light or darkness
 They enquire
Enquire endlessly
Until the last veil is removed...

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