The girl arrived at the museum
Without knowing what to expect
She was apprehensive and excited at the same time
The first thing she noticed was that
The rooms were all enormous
A house could be built in each one of them
They had different atmospheres
She could only hear the sound of her steps
That echoed all around
Everything was folded in mystery
In the Egyptian Art gallery
The girl opened her eyes widely
When she say the room crowded with tombs
Everything was so, so ancient
That she felt having gone back in time
She was afraid a tomb could open out of a sudden
And a mummy would swallow her to the darkness
There she felt chills up and down her spine
As she was left an orphan in the middle of a cemetery
Then she run away to another room
Without looking back
In the Arms and Armor session of the museum
She felt a Lady Maryam of the Middle Ages
Waiting for her brave knight in a shinning armor
Riding an elegant horse
Armors have always fascinated her
But when an armor statue
Seemed to have moved toward her
The girl felt an urge
To get out of there as fast as possible
In the Costume gallery
The girl was all eyes
Costumes from all times paraded in front of her
She could not believe how crazy fashion could be
She started laughing out loud
As she tried to imagine herself in some very weird dresses
It was like to be in a doll's house
But the dolls were much bigger than her
In the Greek and Roman session
The girl contemplated a huge variety of delicate statues
All so perfect, so amazingly beautiful
She noticed that the artists really liked to portray the wonders of the human body
She would not imagine that the human body
Could be so interesting in each and every angle
The statues were all nude
Then the girl in her imaginative child's mind
Thought that they might get a horrible cold
In the winter days
But the session that most fascinated the girl
Was the European Paintings
Those huge portraits depicting battle scenes
Were so overwhelmingly impressive
The images seemed so real
That at any moment those horses
Could jump out of the frames
And get lost in the rooms of the museum
The portraits of people
Were pretty tricky in aspect
Portraits of old kings
With those long wigs
Fancy clothes
Big bellies, white stockings, and buckled shoes
The curious thing was that they looked all the same
Moon face and bulging eyes
And a lot of make up
To any direction the girl went
Those bulging eyes from the portraits
Seemed to follow her
At the beginning she found that very funny
But at some point
She felt that too sinister
Well, that was enough prosecution for one day
It was time to leave the museum
When the girl arrived home
Her mother asked her about her impressions
After the visit to the museum
The girl answered:
"Mother, being inside that museum
Was like being inside a house of horrors
Too many eyes stared at me at the same time!
The ancient mummies almost wrapped me in their bandages
The knights wanted to lock me in the catacombs of their castles
The Greek and Roman' statues were all ready to take a bath
And the European "twin" kings
Wanted me to wear their wigs infested with lice!"
The mother laughed and laughed
She never thought
Of a museum under that singular point-of-view!
Living and learning...

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