Night of my dreams
A perfect masterpiece
Ultimate moment of peace...
It bewitches my eyes
Releases my soul
Increases my heartbeats
While I walk on the poetry of its streets...
I leave behind the memories of daylight
And let myself to be captivated by the stories
Of this heavenly parade of shadows
Playful marionettes
Dancing like little children
Behind the walls
Holding their beloved china dolls
The night likes to whisper its secrets
To the ones who know to listen
Not with the ears
But denude of fears
The silver moon
Shines proudly
With eyes peeled to the mysteries
Behind the dark spots
The stars make a population of inquisitive beings
Diamonds of many skies
They were born to be
The Earth's spies
Each one of us
Carry at least one dream 
That never dies


Wherever I walked
It was a path of wonders
Each and every detail had a story
That switched on a new form of emotion inside me...
Everything was so alive
So eager to share something
The doors, windows, walls, stairs, stones, flowers
I wanted to find a translation to all the things
Parading in front of me...
The smell of past
Was so intense
That I got lost in time
I saw many dimentions coexisting
They were so tempting...
My mind was stolen
To a feast of unimaginable possibilities
That moment was so enticing
I became a captive of that atmosphere
I did not offer any resistance
Because that was an extraordinary trip
Through the unknown...
My heart was talking to me
Like great friends do
Through the language of  perfect understanding
A language without alienation
Simple, transparent, pleasant, light
All of that changed the fingerprint of my choices
I've learned to see different
To feel different
To be different
My new me became fully aware
Of the grandiosity of the things
Which are not only the "furniture" of this world
But especially the reason why this "furniture"
Have been arranged in some ways and not in others
I got all the answers
For the first time
I could enjoy and celebrate the real beauty and intelligence of this existence
The way it deserves to be held in awe.


So many things have changed...
The relationship between parents and kids
The level of violence kids have been exposed to
The level of competition
The level of pressure to perform
The culture of winners and losers
The personal failures being exposed in social media
Cyber bullying
The reality shows and many TV series for kids, teenagers, and young adults
 Are a parade of neurotic and narcissistic people
Extreme violence of video games
The stigma of being labeled
The culture of being worthy purely by one's external appearance
Our youth is lost in an ocean of
Easy sex, drugs, guns, distorted mirrors
Feelings of constant inadequacy
Or you  fit or you are just a piece of  ****
People's eyes are full of rage, envyness, frustration
People seem to have lost their "life JPSes"
The sense of values are pretty lost
So much hypocrisy
Things that are out of control
Things which should be weighted  in a healthy/responsible way
So much prejudice
So much intolerance
Total lack of dialogue
Total absence of understanding
There is so much neurosis out there
It is a horrible scenario!
Cases of mass murders are building up
Between so many youngsters
Who find in guns the only way out
The only way to feel in control
The only way of revenge for frustrations
Lack of visibility in a positive sense
How about the suicides
There is so much anger and despair!!...
In this "out law" world regarding values
I think that behind all of this chaos
People are so in need of being WANTED
By their qualities
By their need of being loved
Seen in a good way
They want a chance to be themselves
To speak their minds
 To be heard
To exist without labels
To grow up without so much competition
So many comparisons
We, as Human race, lost the measure of self-worth
The sense of what is really important in life
People must be wanted for the good things they are
We must value life
We must stop getting used to violence
We must give hugs, smiles, make compliments, listen
Guns are only a recipe for disasters
TV must educate people, not segregate them as fit or unfit
There is so much cruelty in the way people are relating to each other
If is not cruelty is indifference
 There is so much neglect
So much abuse
We live in a world in which people are as easy to be discarded as things
There is so much greed, so much coldness
So many obsessions
So much lack of compassion
So much lack of sincerity
People hurt without having second thoughts
Relationships have never been so shallow
People do not look at each other anymore
But through a screen ... IF they do!
We live in a world of crazy senseless communication
Faceless interactions
Emotions are displayed in emoticons style
People are not only being killed by guns
But also by indifference
By lack of affection in their lives
By lack of someone who honestly cares about them
By lack of trust
By lack of acceptance
By lack of values
By lack of tolerance
By lack of purpose
By lack of humanity!
People want to exist
Have a voice
People don't want to be judged
People want to be understood
We need to learn to heal wounds
Not open more
The reality is so painful
The future looks so gloomy
Completely dysfunctional
In so many ways
Crimes not only happen by the visible guns
We are killing people emotionally more than physically
We kill a person every time we hurt their dignity
Their self-esteem
When we humiliate, when we label
When we do not care about one's feelings
When we turn our backs to people's suffering
All of these things are invisible bullets
Which can hurt not only for a minute
But for a lifetime!

(So many thoughts I wanted to add to this post... Hard to organize the ideas in a more clear way... Perhaps it was meant to be a little chaotic, just the way things really are in our world nowadays)


Autumn leaves
Summer grieves
The blows and blows of the wind
Are the trees thieves
Time for Nature's extreme makeover
The hot days are over
A new mood takes place
The changes occur in slow motion pace
Everything seems to be immersed in
A state of grace...
Foggy mornings
Cold warnings
Mysterious they seem
Like a piece of dream
Romantic theme
Getting lost in this feels supreme
Carpe diem...


 I love old Japanese paintings
The simplicity of them
Is the perfect balance

The feeling of calmness they give is so unique
Beauty can be very humble

Just listening to the voices of Nature
Is a vastitude of freedom

Do not disturb
Just let it be...



The mind is a restless traveler
It can cross any frontier
Visit any known and unknown land
When it dreams
Is a creation of a fantastic universe
A psychedelic composition
Of images, emotions, thoughts
Which have a life on their own
Catalogue of metamorphosis
It displays beauty and ugliness
Sanity and madness
Light and shadows
Pain and peace
Its power is extraordinary
This traveler ages gracefully
It is wise old man
Trying to understand the world around it
When the senses meet with the mind
It embraces thousand possibilities
The communication between them
Is sharp and dynamic
They speak many languages
The language of touch
Nothing is left without a prompting answer
Nothing is left unnoticed
The life the mind lives
Is the ultimate freedom
It cannot be chained
It cannot be silenced
It cannot be motionless
It cannot be emotionless
The mind is ignorant to sleep
It was created to be a hard worker
No vacation, no days off, no holidays
It is work day and night
It is its nature
It is how it matures
The mind is a bird
With many nests
A ship with many sails
A train on countless tracks
A spider that builds the most spectacular and complex webs
Mind and heart
Have distinct personalities
Each one has its own charm and wisdom
Their dimensions sometimes get fused
And mind and heart become confused
They can be quite stubborn
Refusing to talk to each other
They are destined to find mutual understanding
No matter what
Because one does not live without the other
It is an endless cycle
Of fights and reconciliations


What a charming city Paris
People riding along the Seine river in ferries
Amazing monuments stand everywhere
Shinning and sumptuous
Could illustrate poems of Voltaire
The Basilica of Sacre Coeur
With its ancient Roman architecture
Is as famous as Time Square
The avenue of Champs-Elysses
Decorated with clipped horse-chestnut trees
It is one of the must sees
Elegant people in the streets
Find a good time to spend in the cafe seats
Savoring delicious croissants
Everyone wants to try it
Just like a group of debutantes
The Louvre
Is one of the world's largest museum
It is a parade of remarkable taste
Its  collection of paintings and sculptures is extensive
Each and every piece of art incredibly expensive
The Eiffel Tower
Is the symbol of France
The view from the top
Leaves you in complete state of trance
You will fall in love with Paris at first glance
Don't loose your chance
You will be so fascinated that
The Can Can you will feel like to dance!


An empty classroom for me
Has the same magic thing as an empty church
These places have a life on their own...
In this old classroom
 I can recreate vividly the dynamic of a school day
Students restless in their seats
The teacher reciting things
The sound of whispering voices all around...

We spend many years of our lives in a classroom
We growp up inside the place
Time passes, teachers are replaced
But we are there with the same purpose of learning...

But it is more than learning from the books
It is also cultivating relationships
It is becoming a personality
It is overcoming challenges
It is shapping the path of our future
It is building a pride
It is discovering hibernating skills/talents...

Some teachers have such an impact in our lives
The ones which teach with passion
Are destined to not be forgotten
Their voices reach deeper
They switch something inside us
That opens a whole new universe of possibilities
They touch beyond the minds
They are models of inspiration
Encouraging us to pursue our dreams
They believe in ourselves
Still when we don't know how to have that strong conviction
About what choices to make
Who we should be...

It is an amazing proccess of turning a caterpillar
Into a butterfly!

- Simone -


I always try to imagine how hard life was in the Middle Ages...
The life expectancy was so short
Around 32 years old
It was all about work
Work, work, work
24/7 work...
While the royalty in the castles
Enjoyed luxury and leisure time
The peasants were up day and night
To feed all that high style to their lords
The peasants were always the ones in the backstage
While kings and queens
Marquises and princesses
Barons and duchesses
Were under the spotlight of glamour
Wasting food
And worst
Treating their servants as second class citizens!
For the peasants
There was nothing else to think about but survival
Surviving wars
Surviving famine
Surviving diseases
How hard for mothers
To see their children with no other perspective of future
But working as "slaves" just like their parents
No school, no freedom
No happiness, no hopes
Today we take so many things for granted...
Our freedom
Quality and quantity of life
The attention of our parents
The house we live in
The clothes we wear
The chance to study and have a career
Good relationships
A family
Balanced weather
In times as Middle Ages
All these things were constantly jeopardized
Everything was so uncertain for the villagers
Life was more a struggle, a burden
Than a blessing!
So, lets be grateful for what we have nowadays
For living in a world in which
Technology has made our lives so much easier
The advances in communication
Brought people from all corners of the world so closer to relate
Today we have reached the cure to so many diseases
And a good treatment to others
We can buy food in supermarkets
We have clean water to drink
Our kids can enjoy life, have a childhood
Can have a better hope for their futures
Of course, nothing is perfect
There is still lots and lots of things to improve
Especially to make this world a better place
Regarding equality of rights and social-economic balance
There is still a lot of people living in poverty
Dying of famine and diseases
There is still exploitation of people
Wars, cruelty, injustice
But at least we can have hope
One day things will be different
One day all, regardless religion, race, color, culture
Will have their place in the sun
Will be able to enjoy happiness, love, stability
I wish especially
A world without orphanages or neglection
All kids will have a loving family
A house
Will know what being wanted and belonging mean
No more wars, no more losses, no more fear, no more pain!



There were an Iraqi girl and an Iraqi boy
Which became orphans
After losing their mothers to war
Their feeling of solitude was so intense
That both of them one day
Draw a picture of their mothers on the ground
Then laid down on the draw to feel their mothers' presence
In older to get some comfort from that
These images do speak volumes
About how deep bonds can be between child and mother
How much unconditional love survives beyond tragedies
The horrors of wars
How devastating the scar of an emotional loss is for a child
The desperate need of a human presence
That gives a sense of protection and safety
It is impossible not to grow tears
Before such a painful reality
These kids represent so many others
Their urgent need of affection translates all languages of pain
Being an orphan
Perhaps is the ultimate loneliness
Belonging is such a fundamental human need
Without it is is like to be invisible to the world around
To be exposed to constant and intense fear and sadness
We must love kids
Ours or not
We should never lose the opportunity
Of giving them a hug
Making them feel wanted
We should never underestimate the power
A gesture like that can have in their lives
It can make the difference between life and death
For the emotional being they carry within...


Understanding is a very complex thing
 It travels through so many passages
Bridges, avenues, mountains, streams, tunels, bumpy roads
Until it reaches a common ground
Then, when the understanding finds its destination
It is all peace and acceptance
So many doors open
So many walls fall apart
It is a new reality
A new beginning
A new language
A new opportunity
To restart a brand new path
By enjoying the mutual freedom of being
Without that grain of salt
In the middle...


Something that brings very good memories of my childhood
Is the effect of the evening sunset on houses
The warm feeling it brings...
It is so beautiful to see the movement of the tree branches' shadows
Against the facade of the houses
Like they were playful marionettes ...
Everything seems so alive under the evening sun
Also so pretty and cozy...
This kind of atmosphere also reminds me my mother
Her pleasant figure
Her loving presence...
There is something about the evening sun
That sounds so melancholic as well
This kind of melancholy
Fills me up with peace...


Once upon a time
There was a big house
With thousands of rooms
One of the rooms
Was a huge library
The shelves were like wallpapers
Covering the walls from top to bottom
I had never seen so many books in my life
Decorating them
They came in all sizes and colors
Some were very old
Others with still shinning covers
I was in a state of complete fascination...
Then, something very strange happened...
The books, one by one
Started introducing themselves to me
Each one told me proudly about
What kind of stories they were made of
Not only the words got a life on their own
But the illustrations popped out of the pages
And performed to me as acrobats in a circular ring of a circus
It was like a fairy tale turned into reality...
Each book took my imagination as they were reins far, far away
I visited so many countries, unknown worlds
Fantastic places which were pure magic
I met so many interesting people
Learned a gazillion things
Things I could never ever even dream of...
I spent just a few hours in that library
But I felt as I had lived there for centuries
After leaving that incredible atmosphere
I would never be the same girl
I became much more aware of the life around me
And I decided to be a storyteller
Wherever I went
I shared with kids all the stories I learned
From my books friends
They kids got so mesmerized
The exactly same way I was
When I discovered that library
In that big house
Of a thousand rooms...


For some reason
That was an one-of-a-kind night
Something alien was unfolding...
The place seemed so involved in a strange paralysis
Everything was old and finished...
The atmosphere became cold and dry
The wind blowing
Had the sound of an agonizing soul...
The trees had lost their splendor
No strength, no reaction...
Out of a sudden, a white smoke
Started emerging from the ground
It was so suffocating
Almost blinded me...
Besides the smoke and the wind
No colors, no birds, no signs of life around
Even the insects were gone...
The sky was totally gray
It seemed that I was the only one still breathing in that place...
If that was the end of the world
I wanted to be taken by the fog
Travel with it
Fade with it...