Once upon a time
There was a big house
With thousands of rooms
One of the rooms
Was a huge library
The shelves were like wallpapers
Covering the walls from top to bottom
I had never seen so many books in my life
Decorating them
They came in all sizes and colors
Some were very old
Others with still shinning covers
I was in a state of complete fascination...
Then, something very strange happened...
The books, one by one
Started introducing themselves to me
Each one told me proudly about
What kind of stories they were made of
Not only the words got a life on their own
But the illustrations popped out of the pages
And performed to me as acrobats in a circular ring of a circus
It was like a fairy tale turned into reality...
Each book took my imagination as they were reins far, far away
I visited so many countries, unknown worlds
Fantastic places which were pure magic
I met so many interesting people
Learned a gazillion things
Things I could never ever even dream of...
I spent just a few hours in that library
But I felt as I had lived there for centuries
After leaving that incredible atmosphere
I would never be the same girl
I became much more aware of the life around me
And I decided to be a storyteller
Wherever I went
I shared with kids all the stories I learned
From my books friends
They kids got so mesmerized
The exactly same way I was
When I discovered that library
In that big house
Of a thousand rooms...

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