I always try to imagine how hard life was in the Middle Ages...
The life expectancy was so short
Around 32 years old
It was all about work
Work, work, work
24/7 work...
While the royalty in the castles
Enjoyed luxury and leisure time
The peasants were up day and night
To feed all that high style to their lords
The peasants were always the ones in the backstage
While kings and queens
Marquises and princesses
Barons and duchesses
Were under the spotlight of glamour
Wasting food
And worst
Treating their servants as second class citizens!
For the peasants
There was nothing else to think about but survival
Surviving wars
Surviving famine
Surviving diseases
How hard for mothers
To see their children with no other perspective of future
But working as "slaves" just like their parents
No school, no freedom
No happiness, no hopes
Today we take so many things for granted...
Our freedom
Quality and quantity of life
The attention of our parents
The house we live in
The clothes we wear
The chance to study and have a career
Good relationships
A family
Balanced weather
In times as Middle Ages
All these things were constantly jeopardized
Everything was so uncertain for the villagers
Life was more a struggle, a burden
Than a blessing!
So, lets be grateful for what we have nowadays
For living in a world in which
Technology has made our lives so much easier
The advances in communication
Brought people from all corners of the world so closer to relate
Today we have reached the cure to so many diseases
And a good treatment to others
We can buy food in supermarkets
We have clean water to drink
Our kids can enjoy life, have a childhood
Can have a better hope for their futures
Of course, nothing is perfect
There is still lots and lots of things to improve
Especially to make this world a better place
Regarding equality of rights and social-economic balance
There is still a lot of people living in poverty
Dying of famine and diseases
There is still exploitation of people
Wars, cruelty, injustice
But at least we can have hope
One day things will be different
One day all, regardless religion, race, color, culture
Will have their place in the sun
Will be able to enjoy happiness, love, stability
I wish especially
A world without orphanages or neglection
All kids will have a loving family
A house
Will know what being wanted and belonging mean
No more wars, no more losses, no more fear, no more pain!

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