The mind is a restless traveler
It can cross any frontier
Visit any known and unknown land
When it dreams
Is a creation of a fantastic universe
A psychedelic composition
Of images, emotions, thoughts
Which have a life on their own
Catalogue of metamorphosis
It displays beauty and ugliness
Sanity and madness
Light and shadows
Pain and peace
Its power is extraordinary
This traveler ages gracefully
It is wise old man
Trying to understand the world around it
When the senses meet with the mind
It embraces thousand possibilities
The communication between them
Is sharp and dynamic
They speak many languages
The language of touch
Nothing is left without a prompting answer
Nothing is left unnoticed
The life the mind lives
Is the ultimate freedom
It cannot be chained
It cannot be silenced
It cannot be motionless
It cannot be emotionless
The mind is ignorant to sleep
It was created to be a hard worker
No vacation, no days off, no holidays
It is work day and night
It is its nature
It is how it matures
The mind is a bird
With many nests
A ship with many sails
A train on countless tracks
A spider that builds the most spectacular and complex webs
Mind and heart
Have distinct personalities
Each one has its own charm and wisdom
Their dimensions sometimes get fused
And mind and heart become confused
They can be quite stubborn
Refusing to talk to each other
They are destined to find mutual understanding
No matter what
Because one does not live without the other
It is an endless cycle
Of fights and reconciliations

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