So many things have changed...
The relationship between parents and kids
The level of violence kids have been exposed to
The level of competition
The level of pressure to perform
The culture of winners and losers
The personal failures being exposed in social media
Cyber bullying
The reality shows and many TV series for kids, teenagers, and young adults
 Are a parade of neurotic and narcissistic people
Extreme violence of video games
The stigma of being labeled
The culture of being worthy purely by one's external appearance
Our youth is lost in an ocean of
Easy sex, drugs, guns, distorted mirrors
Feelings of constant inadequacy
Or you  fit or you are just a piece of  ****
People's eyes are full of rage, envyness, frustration
People seem to have lost their "life JPSes"
The sense of values are pretty lost
So much hypocrisy
Things that are out of control
Things which should be weighted  in a healthy/responsible way
So much prejudice
So much intolerance
Total lack of dialogue
Total absence of understanding
There is so much neurosis out there
It is a horrible scenario!
Cases of mass murders are building up
Between so many youngsters
Who find in guns the only way out
The only way to feel in control
The only way of revenge for frustrations
Lack of visibility in a positive sense
How about the suicides
There is so much anger and despair!!...
In this "out law" world regarding values
I think that behind all of this chaos
People are so in need of being WANTED
By their qualities
By their need of being loved
Seen in a good way
They want a chance to be themselves
To speak their minds
 To be heard
To exist without labels
To grow up without so much competition
So many comparisons
We, as Human race, lost the measure of self-worth
The sense of what is really important in life
People must be wanted for the good things they are
We must value life
We must stop getting used to violence
We must give hugs, smiles, make compliments, listen
Guns are only a recipe for disasters
TV must educate people, not segregate them as fit or unfit
There is so much cruelty in the way people are relating to each other
If is not cruelty is indifference
 There is so much neglect
So much abuse
We live in a world in which people are as easy to be discarded as things
There is so much greed, so much coldness
So many obsessions
So much lack of compassion
So much lack of sincerity
People hurt without having second thoughts
Relationships have never been so shallow
People do not look at each other anymore
But through a screen ... IF they do!
We live in a world of crazy senseless communication
Faceless interactions
Emotions are displayed in emoticons style
People are not only being killed by guns
But also by indifference
By lack of affection in their lives
By lack of someone who honestly cares about them
By lack of trust
By lack of acceptance
By lack of values
By lack of tolerance
By lack of purpose
By lack of humanity!
People want to exist
Have a voice
People don't want to be judged
People want to be understood
We need to learn to heal wounds
Not open more
The reality is so painful
The future looks so gloomy
Completely dysfunctional
In so many ways
Crimes not only happen by the visible guns
We are killing people emotionally more than physically
We kill a person every time we hurt their dignity
Their self-esteem
When we humiliate, when we label
When we do not care about one's feelings
When we turn our backs to people's suffering
All of these things are invisible bullets
Which can hurt not only for a minute
But for a lifetime!

(So many thoughts I wanted to add to this post... Hard to organize the ideas in a more clear way... Perhaps it was meant to be a little chaotic, just the way things really are in our world nowadays)

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