There were an Iraqi girl and an Iraqi boy
Which became orphans
After losing their mothers to war
Their feeling of solitude was so intense
That both of them one day
Draw a picture of their mothers on the ground
Then laid down on the draw to feel their mothers' presence
In older to get some comfort from that
These images do speak volumes
About how deep bonds can be between child and mother
How much unconditional love survives beyond tragedies
The horrors of wars
How devastating the scar of an emotional loss is for a child
The desperate need of a human presence
That gives a sense of protection and safety
It is impossible not to grow tears
Before such a painful reality
These kids represent so many others
Their urgent need of affection translates all languages of pain
Being an orphan
Perhaps is the ultimate loneliness
Belonging is such a fundamental human need
Without it is is like to be invisible to the world around
To be exposed to constant and intense fear and sadness
We must love kids
Ours or not
We should never lose the opportunity
Of giving them a hug
Making them feel wanted
We should never underestimate the power
A gesture like that can have in their lives
It can make the difference between life and death
For the emotional being they carry within...

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